Elyse: ReunitedMature

"Are you sure you'll be okay?" Ian kissed me atop the head before turning away from me. We were in a single room of a cheap motel, both stripped down to our underwear as we tried desperately to relax after all the shit we'd been through. Everywhere our bare skin had touched was still tingling.

I glanced over at the sword laying across the bed. "I'll be fine," I assured him. Ian gave me half a smile.

"I hope that angel chick didnt bless you too much," he said. "I dont need you growing wings and leaving me behind." I only laughed a little, wrapping my arms around my slender frame as I watched him disappear out the door, off in search of more demons. His only hope was that they would lead him to Keenan, the demon prince, and that maybe by killing him we could end this mess and just go home.

Of course, that was an issue in itself. I was from New York, and Ian was from Canada. Would he stay with me, or when this disaster came to an end would he be running back home? I very much doubted the latter with Alex gone..... No, I couldnt think of that. Alex had been his best friend, and he had saved me from certain terrors. Even if he was on Keenan's side, Alex would always hold a place in our hearts.

"Well, well. You still look as magnificent with your clothes off."

A shiver rushed up my spine at the sound of the most horrifying voice that had ever filled my ears. Stepping back so that I was pressed against the bed, I spun around and found myself staring into a pair of golden, glowing eyes.

"Hello, Elyse," Keenan greeted me softly. "You're looking disturbingly tantalizing. Perhaps we can pick up where we'd left off?" The demon prince took a lengthy step towards me until he was close enough to reach out and trail a finger down my cheek. I couldnt help it; I let out a whimper of fear.

To my surprise, the demon prince withdrew. "You've been blessed," he snarled. Then his scowl turned into a sadistic sort of grin. "Oh, this is too perfect."

"What?" I asked him.

"Your beloved Ian is bred of chaos. Demonic blood runs through his veins. And now you bear the mark of the angels. It will only be a matter of time until you two begin to feel the strain."

I so desperayely wanted his words to be false. I wanted to scream in his face until he admitted it was a lie. Instead I found myself reaching for the sword, just as Ian burst in.

The End

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