Ian: EuropeMature

"All yours, but you better hurry up though we've got a world to save." I say with a grin to Elyse.

"I think the world could wait a bit, just for us." Elyse says quite seductively.

"Probably could too." I say lightly putting my arms around her waist area.  She lightly presses me up agianst the TV screen as  her lips touch mine. The T.V turned on with blaring volume totally ruining the moment.

" Strange sitings of oversized wolves have concerned parents keeping their childern indoors in europe as well as strange sighting of aliens." The news reporters shouts through the T.V screen I frantically lower the volume.

"Aliens?" I mutter, looking down at the screen seeing a few crappy looking clips of what I determined to be Demons.

"Hey, forget about the world for a second." Elyse says getting my attention instantly.

"I'm sorry." I say guiltily, bringing my arms around her waist again , and kissing her on the lips this time, the kiss lasted a few preciouse moments that I treasured before Elyse pulled.

"Come on lets go."

"To Europe." I complete the sentence with a sigh. If I had things my way I wouldn't be this guy with strange powers zipping around the world fighting demons, trying to save it even though the world is out to get me because I'm a convicted terrorist, no if I had it my way I would have saved the world completely and spend each moment with Elyse not worried about a simple thing, but the fact  only Elyse and I know there is this Demon prince who is going to anhilate the human race one way or another, and if I told any official of any country they would think I was crazy or they would shoot me on the spot. Also I had this insane guilt for my friend Alex who was out there somewhere not the same person because of me. I wanted to make sure he was allright, and also if he is still helping the Demon Prince I wanted to stop him and bring him back to some form of logical sense,and after thinking about all of this I feel guilty for not cocentrating on Elyse as much as I would like to.

"So would it be easier if we go to England because they speak english there, or should we go further mainland where most of the trouble appears to be brewing?" I ask.

"Well we could better look at whats going on in england so then we know what we are up against." She says.

"Alright. Is london okay?" I ask not waiting for a response as we appear outside of the Parliment building in London.  It was about the mid afternoon and the streets where damm busy.

"You don't wait for an answer do you? Anyways yes London is fine." Elyse says.

"No I don't." I give half a grin.  Begining to walk in whatever direction I felt neccesary, walking beside Elyse," Don't think this is going to be easy as we first thought." I mutter, taking in the settings of the busy sidewalks ands streets.

Pop!The setting quickly changeds to a cold grass like field with a two foot wall, which I recognized as Hadrian's wall.

"Did you do that?"

"No." I say with concern.

"Huh you not that hard to get, don't know why master prince has such a hard time with you two." A squeaky inhuman voice says behind I turn quickly seeing a demon about the size of average sized dog, but instead of walking on for legs it walked on to and had one eyeball with skinny arm, and dull looking teeth. My hands change immediatly and I stand in front of Elyse protectively. The demon cowers much to my surprise.

"Your not very fearsome for what you look like." I say still not letting my gaurd down.

"I'm so sorry!"It wailed,"I'm only a minor demon, I recognized you and thought I could..." Suddenly there was quite a few of them around us. I could probably kill each one without to much of a problem but how was I going to protect Elyse from all the little bastards? They don't give me much time to plan it out thoroughly so I end up improvising by darting around Elyse  doing my best to get the minor demons which didn't take much more then a couple punches from my tranformed arms.  The Skirmish ended quickly as the survivors darted away.

"Are you okay?" I ask Elyse.

The End

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