Barty - And Another Thing...

Ever seen a seasick parrot?

Hmm. Maybe there's a reason for that.

And the reason is - parrots don't get seasick.

Well, this one does.

Technically, it's not seasickness. It's something off that I managed to filch from the kitchen. Honestly, and we were docked yesterday! You'd've thought that smelly old cook would've managed to get something that wasn't so stiff with seasalt it could get up and walk about on its own.


So now I'm a seasick parrot with fleas.


This is turning out to be a rather spectacular voyage.

Not that I know where we're going. They generally don't share that kind of information with us lesser birds.

Huh. Lesser bird yourself.

But I'm guessing they'll put in at a pirate port somewhere, do a bit of trade, find some trade ship floating around (with miraculously few cannon) and blast it out of the water, return home laden with goods and swear they'll never go to sea again, drink all the money away and leave with the next tide.


That's usually how it works, anyway.

The End

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