Edwyn : Seaweed

I hate seaweed. It's official. Barely out of sight of land and the smell of the blasted stuff has my guts rolling more than that storm off of Picketts Cove last year. I know, I know, hardly the best thing a hardy pirate can have shipmates, but there it goes.

There it goes again over the side of Calamity, although it could be due to cooks stew again. I swear I saw that blasted parrot flying out the galley window yesterday before it went up to flirt with Gwyn. Who knows what it was droping in the food, judging by how much grooming it was doing the day we set sail. Maybe we should get it a mate.

Still, once we're out a few more days then it should settle down. Least then old Kelly will stop giving me hell. He seems to think I enjoy spending time over the rail. Mind you, it beats being stuck up in the nest keeping an eye out.

"You still rough Blueblood?" came Lily's slightly mocking but cheery voice from the other side of the rail.

"Aye. It'll pass. It always does."

"Well, best get your head back over this side, Kelly's on the warpath."

I groaned and heaved my head back up. It wouldn't do to get on the wrong side of Kelly this early on, else I'll be spending all my time up in the nest, or on scrubbing duties for weeks. I picked up the bucket as he came back above decks, and made out like I was busy. I had just finished scrubbing the wheel when Barty came down and started scratching.

"Oi, blasted bird, get off. I just finished polishing it."

I swear that blasted bird knows exactly what it's doing. Every time I've got to do the scrub down, I always find feathers or dust or droppings where I've cleaned. Then, of course, old Kelly says I've not done it right, and I have to start again. Still, whiles away the time of course, til we find out where we're headed this time. I hope it's somewhere warm this time.

A while later, I get Kelly to check that I'm done.

"Aye, it'll do. You can go back to hanging you head over the side til grubs ready."

Above me I heard Barty give a gawk, almost as if he'd heard Kelly and knew he couldn't get me into grief. I decided to head below and keep out the way, there's always something needs doing on a boat like Calamity.

Weird... I could have sworn I left a bit of bread down by my bunk. I always hide a bit for the first few days. Helps with the sea sickness somehow. Now it's not here. I'm sure I didn't eat it, did I?






The End

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