Joey Willoby-Taylor

"Oh Sweetums, Mummy'll get you a cake very soon, just let me clear away the table first!"

Joey didn't like the sound of that. He had seen the cream cake in the window of the cafe that he and his mother were sat in and decided that he wanted it. And by wanted it, he meant now. His Mother seemed to be very busy clearing away their breakfast things (as you see, the cafe wasn't open yet, but as he had requested his breakfast there she had had to ask the manager for special permissions, and felt it was the least she could do) and she didn't seem very busy with buying him a cake. There was only one thing for it; Joey took a deep breath...

"If I don't get my cake right now I shall runaway and you will never see me again!"

As always this got the response he was looking for, his Mother immediatley begged him to reconsider and purchased the cake forthwith! The owner of the cafe by this stage was very unimpressed, and added 50% to the price of the cake, what with it being so early.  So satisfied, with cake in hand, Joey walked with his mother out onto the dock and pretended to listen whilst she pointed out the different features of the ships tied up nearby.

It wasn't long however until Joey finished his much wanted cake and set his eyes on something else entirely. It was sat atop one of the ships stationed near by, and had deep red and blue plummage and shiny black claws...

"Mother look over there, it's a parrot. I want it."

His mother looked taken aback and stammed as she tried to explain to her son.

"L-look Munchkin, you already have 2 parrots, and that one belongs to someone already, it isn't for sale! Mummy is so sorry, perhaps I could buy you a nice new doggy instead?"

"Mother! My parrots are boring, ugly, boring, green! I want that parrot! And if you won't get it for me, I'll run aboard and get it myself!"

And without further ado Joey slipped his hand away and scrambled abord the Good Ship Calamity! He had never been this far from his house before (conveniently just around the corner from the dock) but his mother deserved punishment, so he hid on the ship under a sack near Lord Batholomew and waited until she was sufficiently scared to make his move.

What young Joey didn't realize however, was that as his mother was wearing such expensive shoes she couldn't possibly follow him up onto the ship, and so he waited. And waited. And waited, until he heard the heavy footsteps of a stranger. Peeking out of his hiding place he saw a very tall and bulky man walking across the ship! As he realised that he was now totally trapped, unable to escape an unfamilier and threatening situation he had only one thought...

"This will serve her right for not getting me what I wanted!" 

The End

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