Edwyn - Here We Go Again

I've definately picked the wrong time to try to give up ale for a while I realise as I stand looking up at the gangplank.

When we last docked and the Cap'n said we'd have two or three weeks ashore, I thought I'd try staying off the drink this time back. After all, it's not exactly easy for me to go into any of the local taverns at the moment anyway.  One look at the wanted posters and I'd legged it up to Hauton to hide myself away. Honestly, who would have known bedding Percy De Mormingtons missus would have still been causing such a fuss after all this time? Well ok, maybe it wasn't such a great idea to do it in his bed, but that was the drink's fault, not mine. Still, after three years, anyone would think old Percy held a grudge!

It's thanks to Mormington that I'm here in the first place, well, him and old Kelly. If Mormington hadn't been so keen to see me strung up, I'd never have been hiding down at the dock, and have Kelly stumble over me. At least he didn't seem to find anything wrong in what I'd done when he finally got it out of me, although maybe that says as much about him as me. Still, I owe him a debt, getting me on board and squaring it away with the Cap'n. Maybe he wasn't totally upfront in describing just what the Good Ships normal business was, but I'd got the hang of it soon enough. Now, if I can only avoid being sick, I might actually start to enjoy it.

Kelly's the first one I spot when I reach deck. He's staring after Gwyn again. No surprise there. Don't think there's anyone who doesn't stare at her. Heck, even the parrot seems to fancy her. Look at it, preening itself on the forecastle before it comes to try to say ahoy. Hah, even it is left disappointed. I watch Gwyn disappear below decks, then go and clip Kelly round the head.

"Hey shipmate. Missed me?"

"Nah, I didn't even notice you'd gone." Kelly replies in that dour way of his, before he grasps my hand, "Welcome back aboard. Now, get your kit stowed and get back up here. We got work to do."

I head below decks to store my pack before coming back up to begin the mammoth task of getting Calamity ready to sail. Only a few more hours then we are away, heading back out to who knows where, and who knows what.

The End

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