Running to six feet

Running but what am I really chasing

Slow comes the change maby I'm just ok pacing

Thoughts as free as easy bars leaving my mind vacant

Everyone trying to their cash right

So that's what I should do right

Maby my left turned left

Greed made a home where dreams left

Lose memory of where I slept

Last night my conscious spoke loud

My actions still quiet as kept

Route broken up

Patch intercepted 

God I'm still running, 

From self never a past neglected

This is where I live at night

Thoughts on a kitchen table

Ask am I really able. 

Am I really able

Unstable, Faith a bit shaken

They love nature and I see money trees

This world is for the taking

Burried six feet deep, eternal sleep

What am I taking and will it save me 

When I get there. 

The End

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