Running Through Time

The sun is going down again. Just as it did yesterday and the day before that. I have become numb to the fact that slowly but surely I am dying, as is everyone around me. It is a fact that I know, and yet I am not altogether upset by. As I sit here, typing on my computer, millions of other people around the world are slowly dying with me. Bewildering fact, I know.

But in reality we are dying. 

The minutes in your life are slowly fading away. Is this alarming, now that you think of it? If it isn't, you may want to consider reevaluating you're life because when I reacknowledge this fact I begin to panic. What am I doing with my life? Sitting here and watching the sun rise and fall each day, going about my business as a passive slave to time. 

And what do I choose to do? 

I do nothing. Because nothing is much easier and less dangerous than doing something. By doing nothing you cannot fail, you cannot be less than perfect. Yet, by doing nothing, you are not living. 

So I will live. 

Maybe I'll try to get an "A" in Math, not because I expect perfection but because I'll have tried my best. Maybe I'll tell that guy I like him, not because I want to date him but because I am tired of holding inside my heart. Maybe I'll go on a trip, save up all my money and just travel the world. 

Maybe I'll do something one day. 

Because I do not want to be complacent. Not in my faith, not in my relationships, not in my work, not in any aspect of my life. I want others to hear my name and remark on how amiable about life I am. I want people to shake their heads when they think of me and say how vivacious I am to live. 

I want to serve with my whole heart, I want to give God all of me. I want my faith to be all of me and less of the worries of this world. I want to transfer that liveliness into my relationships, always increasing their worth and maturity. At work, I want people to look at me and smile because I looked them in the eye, smiled, and asked how they were. 

I want to dance, scream, shout, jump, twirl, and be all possible synonyms for alive as I can possibly be! And I will continue to do this until the day my days are at an end, after a long and happy life, filled with adventure after adventure. I will leave this earth with a smile on my face, ready for the next adventure. 

Because that's when it all really begins. 

The End

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