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Marek made his way through the streets occasionally getting pulled aside by a soldier getting and getting searched and then being told some bullshit about the rebel forces being foreign terrorists.  As the streets he walked on neared the outskirts of city the shittier it looked as the houses look poorly looked after and the streets had mounts of garbage; some were even completely inaccessible because of broken down cars that no one cared to remove.  All this fear , all this control, and  all they government do was prop themselves up while blaming the people for this countries problems.  Marek hated it with every bone in his body. He would bring around this change even if it brought him to his last breath.

He reached the the old theater house which had recently been brought back into commission when the safe house had been declared; so the government wouldn't suspect anything.  The theatre house was rather worn down and  beaten but even so like the actors, play writes, and directors that had risen to the job of entertainment in a country of fear and hopelessness it stood against the oppression of this time.  Marek would often watch the same play three to five times a week to not only pass the time but to escape the world.  He smiled before sneaking between a narrow crack between the theatre house and the building beside it. The crack was not easy to see unless properly looked at offering a great place to disappear from the outside world. However Marek felt that eventually someone would be stupid enough to reveal it to the government or the soldiers, so he did his best to steer clear of the statehouse.

On the other side of the crack was four foot by four foot scare surrounded by twenty foot grey stone walls that let in the dimmest glint of light from the sky above. In the middle of the square was with a wooden trapped door locked from the inside with a small peek hole. Marek stomped on it rhythmically for a few seconds before stopping and standing away as a distinct unbolting sound sounded from underneath.

"Who is it?" Said a rough smokers voice.

"I am the youngest of the three lights." Marek said.  The trapdoor fully opened revealing a skinny, pale man who gave a gut wrenching cough before his greasy black hair and pale blue eyes lowered themselves below the ground. Marek followed mounted the rusty old ladder and let himself in closing and bolting the trapdoor as he made his way down.

"Oi Lenny, Tim should be coming by sometime tonight. He might also be bringing some heat with him." Marek warned skipping the last two steeps meeting solid pack down dirt. The safe house was darkly lit by light bulbs hanging off old strained wires beginning to give signs of strain as the lights hung in different angles dangling from thin strands of plastic and copper. Down a small hall were most men would have to bend over to make their way through laid a room with about ten bunk beds a stove and a long vandalized table with names , symbols, words once meaning something to someone had been carved into deeply.

"Thanks for letting me know. What has good old Tim gotten himself into?" He asked.

"No idea, all I know is two men were following us when we met up. He said he would deal with them. I'm sure he will be fine." Marek said with a bored tone trying not to sound to concerned for Tim's safety.


A couple hours later Marek sat on an beaten chair the was wobbling on two legs. He had engaged himself in a game of poker with a couple of rebels from the south laying low in the safe house after they had managed to escape a prison train. He was losing badly after a string of wins which he had obtained a good amount of money that was now slipping away from him.

"Ha!" A man said with a row of missing teeth and a greying beard," You had it coming to you boy! This is a man's game!" He chuckled. Marek gave a disinterested glance at the man.

"Don't get to full of yourself now George." He said calmly looking at his hand thinking of what to do next when the trapdoor started knock repeatedly," I'm pulling out guys its been a good game." Marek said grabbing all the money he had managed to win.

"You can't do that!" The man with missing teeth said with annoyed tone of voice mixed with a chuckle. Lenny walked down the hall moments later with a slightly beaten Tim who had gained a few bruises since they parted he was breathing quickly trying to catch his breath.

"What happened to you?"

"Its a long story...." He paused to breath," but there was a riot up near the....." he paused again," government district I got a couple people out of their before the soldiers came crashing down upon everyone.......... Its not pretty, I have no idea who started it...... but I think someone from our side messed up."

"Least your alright boy. We haven't gotten message from command though that can't be good." Lenny commented.

"No everything’s fine. Someone from command told me they were gonna keep low. Whole city is being searched for broadcasts. The guy also told me the riot had nothing to do with them. Looked like people are displeased about the forced removal of the guys in the western shopping district.  Anyways Marek, I have another run to in the next couple days I need some help getting things on the way. I was hoping you could help out if you have nothing better to do."

" I would love too. I haven't been given anything to do in a days." Marek said his voice actually showing interest.

"Good. I'll tell you the details tomorrow. Its been a long day today."

The End

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