Running Change ( working title.)Mature

A teen fujitive story.

In a slightly loud boisterous run down bar sat a boy who looked a bit young for his age to be sitting at a bar. Though no one seemed to be aware or care for his presence as he sat in the secluded corner observing the warm mug of beer before him.  A look of boredom crossed the features of his face his green eyes unalert his lips slightly curved down as his chin rested on his left arm.  His lightly tanned skin darkened as the shadow of a large man casted itself over the boy.

"Hey Marek." A light slightly cocky male voice adressed the boy.

"Hi." Marek replied not taking his eyes off the now spinning liquid in the mug. The shadow lifted as the sound of a chair scraped on the ground, and a hand wrapped in cloth grabbed the mug of beer away from him. Marek finally looked up moving away the untidy blond hair that fell on his green eyes.

"It tastes like dog piss and motor oil." He warned trying to sound uninterested in his new companion.

"Hmm, you didn't tell me you drank dog piss, or motor oil."  Retorted the man taking a large swig of the drink slamming it on the the scratched up metallic table. The roughened features of his face gave a look of pure disgust resisting to swallow the liquid.  With a large gulp these features seemed relieved but still disgusted.

" I think you're right."  He spat.

"I tried warning you Tim." Marek said wit a smile playing on his lips.

"You know I thought you were kidding." Tim said putting an unlit beaten cigarette in his mouth taking the opportunity to rub the dark black stubble growing on his narrow cheeks. His energetic blue eyes seeming to encourage a rebelliousness within Marek.

"How was the run up here?" Marek asked. 

"Average. They checked us 20 times, some were pulled off, god knows whats going to happen to them. Still we were able to move some equipment under their nose." Tim said quietly before looking over his shoulder," Let's talk elsewhere I feel as if the walls have eyes." He said. 

"Yes." Marek said peeking over his shoulder seeing a couple of men keeping a keen on eye on the two friends  as they left from their seats. Outside the bar the sun was beginning to play along the horizon of the blue sky. This was a sign that the curfew time would be in a couple hours.  Soldiers were visible every few blocks, some carried a scanning machine. Nothing could be hidden from the soldiers, or the government for that matter. It was a war on the people , a war that already been won but is still being waged. Resistance  was usually quelled quickly, speaking ill of the government was punishable by death depending on the evidence. Freedom in this day was being scanned, watched, getting hassled at work, hassled when you go home. Hassled at every turn and being imprisoned for the slightest things. For most it was easier to take this as it comes saying anything could wind up dead. Resistance was often greeted by quick death. However the current resistance seemed to be making it by. So far this particular resistance was the biggest, and greatest of all of its predecessors.

There was ways to get around these scanners, for example like concealing a weapon with a few metal plates, and chip giving a fake image for the scanner. That was still risky, and getting away with that sorta of trick was 50 50 chance. Marek and Tim made there way quickly through the crowd, checking behind them for the two men from the bar.

"can you see them?" Marek whispered harshly.

"A distance away I have an idea. Just follow me." Tim said taking a right down a busy street filled with busseling with business.

"Are they following you?" Marek said.

"Possibly I think I saw them when I left the station. Left here."  He directed moving them onto a less busy side street, while looking over his shoulder," We lost them for now I think. I have something to ask of you Marek. We'll have to meet later, at the safe house near the old theatre house." Tim said.

"Where are you going?"

" I'm going to deal with those two without getting you involved." He said with a devious smile.

The End

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