Blow to the headMature


" Wasp, Shard, you've got UN officers coming your way!" Wasp warned. 

"What!" I say shocked that I didn't know,"Wasp you interrogate this guy.....I'll take em down ."  I say with hesitation filling my body.  I shoulder an assualt rifle, take a small swig of vodka before walking out.  I ran down the hall setting up a couple of bombs that would go off when the frequency of the U.N soldiers radio goes by.  I posistion myself behind some  desks. I bring my gun up and turn the flashlight on, I could already hear the sounds of their footsteps. I take a few shots, bullets start coming back at me. I return fire but there was to many to fight off, before I knew it I was out of bullets, and diving back towards where wasp was, behind me my traps were going off. Just when I thought when I was in the clear, rubble hit me, and I was down for the count.

In my unconciouse state, I began to dream about my past. It was during the war, I was in a building  computers laid everywhere. It was also where I had grown up around here. What I doing was for the greater good.  I couldn't let the UACU use these people.

"I'm in." I say on the com's.

"Good job Decloak."

"We'll begin bombing now since we know where the turret positions now."

"WHAT!"  I yell. they had duped me,and I betrayed the trust of my friends.

My dreams shifted, I was still working for the U.N  but this time I was sabataging the bastards. It was my own plan so I wasn't going to be used. This time I was in the current headquarters. I had bombs planted and a virus. All my comerades were safe. I was just ready when my whole squad  came into room to confront me. I had been found out. I raised my gun but could I raise it against my own comerades, but I knew if I didn't do a crippling blow to the U.N another countless millions would die. I could make the decision a  ten over millions. I made the choice, I reacted shooting at them the bullets came back, but I was far too skilled to be taken down to easily. Within moments the room was just left with me again. Tears welled in my eyes. On my way over to my workstation, when I realized I had taken a few shots. I fell to the floor, I had killed my comerades, and I failed to save millions of people.


The End

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