“I wasn’t aware you were such a great escapist,” I mumbled through waves of tiredness overcoming my body.  We were assembled in an abandoned lodge just off the railway some miles away from Universal news. Persona disposed of the ambulance some minutes ago and had set up his working station inside the dilapidated structure of the lodge. Shard and Phoenix were still unconscious; most of their minor wounds had been taken care of—by Personna.  I was slouched against the rotting wood as I watched Personna type frantically.

Personna grinned, “Took me years to perfect it,” he replied, his face illuminated by the glowing screen. He had an expression of pleasure in his countenance.  “Good job out there,” he gave me a kind smile. I guess we were on a truce instead of bickering as we always did.

I sighed and shifted for a more comfortable position, “thanks. Has the world seen the video already?”

“God bless the bloggers,” Personna grinned widely. “Although the media hasn’t or won’t release the video, almost half the world has seen the video. Subjects are downloading and spreading the video among their relatives, friends, co-workers, and its rapidly streaming through the web.”

“The world is burning in fire,” a twisted smile crossed my face and then sleep overcomes me.

August 12, 2123

“…the video released a couple of days ago by an underground group turn the world upside down. This video features the actual leader of the United Nations, Erasmus Vega, and exposes their plan to take over the world and turn it into a dictatorship. The video was shot in a Swedish military air force during a meeting between the United Nations and the leader of the UACU to bond their nations together, therefore assuming the world would fall into the hands of ruthless dictators. The video was not officially release to the world by the media outlet until yesterday. However, bloggers from around the world uploaded the infamous video to their blogging sites and had received many views and critiques from around the world. Members of the UN are getting together tonight in a summit for the United Nations to discuss their internal issues. The UACU has refused to give any declaration of their affiliation to the UN and they have become reticent about the subject. The UN on the other hand is trying to calm down and assure their convoluted citizens and members that their intentions are unselfish and the video was an obvious bluff to their organization…”

August 14, 2123

“…the President of Israel, Shimon Hadley has officially withdrawn his country from the United Nations and he set up a press conference censuring the UN. He has stated his unsatisfying feeling toward the UN nations pleas of innocence and abdication from the felony the video bestowed on them. He says, “The world has been fooled by this organization, they don’t seek to insure world peace and communication, they want absolute power.”  Information has also been released about some common flu pills containing nanites that would make your heart stop, all of this under the influence of the UN. Randell Gransler, the false leader of the UN was found dead in his apartment, medics regard it as suicide. Protesters had fled to the streets to claim transparency and information of what is going on inside the UN. We have noticed the UN nations calling upon military action…”

“No mention of the UACU,” Phoenix said, pinning the piece of newspaper to the wall. “They have become quite invisible during the protests; they have nothing to say to the world with regards to the crumbling of the UN.”

“There is nothing to be said,” Shard snorted, sipping a bottle of the cheapest alcohol he could buy off from a forsaken gas station some miles away from here. We had been living in this lodge for almost a week, waiting for things to calm down and for the bounty on our heads to disappear.

“War is going to erupt. If the nanites do not kill off half of the population, then this war will,” Personna mused, drumming on the keyboard of his computer.

“Why don’t we ask kindly?” I suggested, arching my eyebrows. “If we get Vega to tell us his military plans we can release them to the world and perhaps with a little more persuasion we can get him to give up on his pathetic plan of world domination.”

“How do you plan we do that? We are sought after by the entire world, the moment we step into British territory we are as good as dead.” Personna retorted.

“We’ve done it before,” I continued, “the only thing we need is access to the UN building and power plants, once we killed off their energy supplies we sneak past security and interrogate Vega.”

“Worth a shot,” Phoenix said.

The security had been redoubled ever since the video was released; the guards were also heavily armed.

“Shard, one is moving towards you on your left,” Phoenix said through the com. “Wasp, get ready to shoot him down, camera is off.”

I adjusted the gun in my hand, it barrel had an extra length due to the silencer. With my night goggles I saw the burly officer walk near the foliage Shard was hiding. When his chest was in view, I pulled the trigger; the muffled shot pierced the air and his chest. “Got it.”

Shard swiftly pulled the falling body of the guard before he fell on the ground, and hid him underneath the bushes. He unstrapped his rifle and took off his credentials and handed it to Phoenix. Phoenix fastened the card on his shirt and took the rifle.

“Camera is up again,” Personna whispered.

Phoenix got from behind the foliage and walked down the path the guard had came from. Luckily this guard was positioned near the power plant for the UN building; it was not heavily guarded from the outside and not guarded at all in the inside so it was going to be easy for Phoenix to sneak in.

“Camera atop the entrance of the power plant is off,” Personna said, “you’ve got one minute.” Phoenix slid inside the power plant and strapped C4 around the structure, making sure that the explosion will hit the primary energy supplies and the alternative supplies.

“Done,” Phoenix said.

“Okay, camera is off, no guards near the perimeter, you are clear.”

Phoenix slid out of the power plant and walked back to us. He gave us thumbs up and continued playing his role as the guard.

“Do you know your way around the building in the dark?” Shard asked me for what seem like the tenth time.

“We have night vision goggles,” I tapped the goggles fastened on my forehead, “and I know exactly where to find Vega. Just follow me.”

“Okay, the explosion will occur in less than two minutes, this would be havoc so be careful. Before they can restart the energy you guys will have at least ten minutes to make it to Vega’s office.” Personna started the countdown.

The explosion occurred, sending large chunks of stone flying in the air as a wall of fire and smog burst up in the air, tainting the dark sky in a hazy fury of red. We started to run toward the UN building, passing through the fluctuating magnetic field that was not working properly.  We dodged and brushed many guards on our way toward the building and made it to the doors. We sprinted inside and rushed up the stairs. In fleeting seconds we faced a massive oak door, the dead guards lying unconscious on the floor. We pushed the door open and locked it behind us, and walked through the darkened conference room. We were alone but for one figure.

The figure weakly standing before the paneled picture window, watching as the fire was starting to consume the other buildings, his empire crumbling down. We prowled toward him, each on a side. I buried the silencer opening deep on the nape of his neck.

Vega froze in his place and lifted his arms, “who are you, what do you want from me?”

“Answers,” Shard replied, spinning him around to face a masked man. “If you scream, we will make sure you suffer before dying.” Shard directed his gun to his thigh.

“What do you want to know?” Vega asked, his face contorted in fear and apprehension.

“Tell us your military plans,” my voice was sharp, imitating the voice range of a male.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” he whined, clasping his hands together.

“You don’t?” I cocked my head, my gun pushing hard on his forehead till I met the cranium. “How about now?”

The End

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