Shard fell asleep, his right arm sliding across the wheel. The car hit the curb, grinding across the railing, bumps throwing his foot of the gas. The car slowed down as it approached a walkway to the right and six feet below a bridge over water. The car jumped, twisting sideways in the walkway, skidding on it's left door to a halt. Personna cursed, yelling "Wasp, are you out?"

Wasp hit the ground of a rooftop, rolling on the concrete with a smack, drawing blood from her forearm. Wind screamed, throwing her of balance. Wasp responded "Yeah, yeah!"

"I got a signal on Shards car, streaming to your phone. I'll keep the police busy, but you have to do exactly what I say if we're to get them out."

Wasps heart skipped a beat, sweat falling of her nose. She quickly said "Okay, go for it."

Personna breathed a sigh of relief and started "They crashed of the Helingberg bridge, it's sixteen blocks away. The police lost their sattelite and sonar feed, thanks to me and don't know where they crashed. The police have sealed of twenty four blocks, so you can't move in on the ground. I recommend moving building to building until you get to the bridge."

Wasp growled "Alright, I'm on my way!"

Wasp looked over the edge of her skyscraper to one far below, the wind deafening her. Grinding her teeth, she jogged back and sprinted forwards, jumping higher then she'd ever jumped before, the wind getting louder and louder. She fell for two seconds before hitting the top of the skyscraper, hard. She attempted a roll, only to skid forwards, tearing skin from her arms. Wasp quickly stood back up, only to fall back down forwards, rolling forwards back onto her feet. Her legs burned, something in her thigh pulled with every step. Wasp ran across the side of a bridge connecting the skyscraper to another sky scrapers glass garden. The garden jutted out of the skyscraper eight feet, hovering above traffic below. Wasp skidded downwards and jumped, hitting the glass garden with her stomach, knocking the wind out of her. Wasp slid of, catching the glass with one hand, screaming as she looked down at the traffic two hundred feet below. Wasp swallowed hard, looked back up and grabbed the glass with both hands, pulling herself up. Wasp gasped for air and kept running, ignoring the yells of people inside the garden. Her feet finally hit concrete, rising and falling as she vaulted railings and fences. Personna yelled "Keep sprinting, one more jump!" Wasp checked a satellite image on her phone, seeing a slanted glass rain cover.

Wasp jumped of the edge of the skyscraper, falling forty feet into an art gallery on the top of the adjacent skycraper, rolling on the powdered glass. People jumped back in surprise as she sprinted through, pulling her pistol out, firing a shot through a panel of glass in front of her. The glass turned into powder as she jumped through, falling onto a massive piece of glass slanted in a 30 degree angle downward. Wasp lost her grip on the glass, rolling sideways un-controllably, loosing her gun as she slid, the hot glass burning her back. She fell of the end of the glass, falling eighty feet. Wasp re-gained control in mid-air, seeing a river sixty feet below her. She smashed against the icy water, her stomach collapsing, forcing all of her air out. Personna screamed something incomprehensible as she fought to climb to the surface. Wasp coughed up water, desperately trying to re-gain her breath. She looked around and grabbed a ladder, slowly climbing up. Wasp wheezed and coughed, asking "Is this the right place?" 

Personna answered "They're to your right, unconscious on the pedestrian walkway."

Wasp climbed to the top of the ladder, collapsing onto the ground. Taking a few deep breaths, she stood up and limped to the bridge, trying to ignore the pain and the water in her lungs. She made it to the pedestrian walkway, seeing the overturned car. She climbed to the top of the car, pulling Shard and Phoenix out one by one. Personna yelled "The police know you're there!"

Wasp coughed "We need a way out."

Personna stated "One sec... in a minute, you're going to see an ambulance. You need to get yourself and those two inside."

Wasp pulled Shard and Phoenix slowly up the walkway, breathing hard. An ambulance with no driver pulled up, stopping on the road. Wasp slowly pulled the two one by one into the back of the ambulance and collapsed into the back, breathing "Okay, go." 

The ambulance took of down the bridge, down an underground trains stations walkway and through it's tunnel. A police helicopter came into view of the bridge, a SWAT team lowering ropes of the helicopter.


The End

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