A flurry of bulletsMature



I was behind a cement pillar cornered in a one entranced room with not even a window to exit out of. Bullets peppered the pillar as more swat team members heavy steps poured in like water.  I grimaced I had one sub machine gun on me at this point, and a handgun in my hand right now. The problem being the sub machine gun's clip only had a quarter of what it began with and the pistol was full but not powerful enough to pierce the swat teams amour.

"If you surrender now your consequences will be less dire!" A voice shouts as more bullets hit chew away at the Northern face of the pillar. I return fire hitting four swat team in the knees, " One more bullet left." I say as I check the clip to be sure. I cock as a swat member tries to  take me down unawares.  I quickly elbow him in the face knocking him out.  My left hand reaches for the sub machine gun which is hanging loosely off my shoulder.  As my fingers wrap around the handle time appears to slow to me.

" one....two.....three... ," I grimace and breath out," FOUR!" I shout, " Here goes nothing." I whisper to myself.

I whip out from behind the pillar squeezing both the triggers taking careful aim, the pistol shot hitting one of the swat in a exposed spot between the shoulder , and neck.  The sub machine gun shots shooting wildly across the room forcing the swat into hiding.   Dropping the pistol, I let got of the sub machine guns trigger a few shots before it runs out so I do not expose my own weakness to the swat.  I run across the room rolling as they come out of hiding. In the transition between rolling and standing up I grab the nearest weapon. As I come to standing I find my self holding a shot gun. Not my preferred weapon, but beggars can't be choosers, can they?   Fire the last rounds of the sub machine gun at the the two swats at the door. Letting go of the sub machine gun, I grasp the shotgun with both hands, and I shoot madly behind me before they shoot at me. Escaping the room, I frantically run through Universal news's lobby.  Civilians where everywhere and the Swat dared not to fire a single round.

"Shard, what are you doing get out of there! Now!" Persona screamed through the coms as it comes back on through the static.

"I got try to save Phoenix!" I reply ducking into a hall, and taking cover in trolly to catch my breath.

"That's crazy!"

"And I'm not?" I reply breathing heavily," Don't bother talking me out of this, I'm sure you could care less anyways. Just tell me where  Phoenix is, and the best way to get to him, and where the swat members are! Also where the fuck is Wasp?" 

"I......took.....ff. Pheonix......tak..n.....throu....bak..." The coms  begin to cut off again.

" Persona I'm losing you!" I say just as the coms shriek and go dead," FUCK!"  I get out from as team of swat come up from behind. I shoot two shots from the shotgun, at them not sure where they hit, as I ran down the hall.  I wasn't  to sure if Persona meant the back exit of Universal News. But It was the only possible lead, and I had little time to get myself between here, and there. I also didn't know how many Swat members where between me,  and Phoenix. 

Behind me bullets whiz dangerously close to my head, just as I round a corner, I didn't dare look back as I turned right. I charged down the halls,Adrenaline filling my body as another team of swat appeared in front of me getting in position to take me down. They where to far for the shotgun I was carrying to possibly hit one of them. Each second was sliding by as the decision that would mean life,and death for me came near. Instinctively I grab my knife, which began to heat up as soon as I touched, I threw it before diving onto the ground. As the Bullets just barely grazed me. I hit the ground sliding as Bullet takes a large chunk of my left arm.  I didn't show my enemy my pain, and slid into the range my shotgun was more then effective before pulling the trigger.  I smile as the three membered swat team falls back, and I get up. My left arm was stunned and wouldn't move, blood was running from it rapidly. I winced , and quickly bandaged it with bandages from my fallen enemy's. 

The workmanship of the bandage was shawdy at best but it was the best I could do given the time. Ahead of me I had the feeling I was only going to run into more swat, so I quickly take an alternate route which would throw them off for a bit , and would buy me more time. Each second passed only increased the adrenaline in my body, If I couldn't reach Phoenix I new it could potentially be over for him, and I would have failed my duty to protect these guys. I also didn't need another person I knew dead on my conscience. Even though I probably left a good trail of dead men behind me. Even that would probably weigh down my conscience later.  Up ahead a few unsuspecting swat turned to see me charging at them with my bummed arm. They only stared as I ran into the range of the shotgun and squeezed the trigger using up its last shot. The team fell to the floor. I dropped the Shotgun and grab their pistols. I put them on empty holsters underneath a jacket before arming myself yet again with a sub machine gun.

Ten meters ahead I see a window, which I quickly run to see a bunch of swat loading a now unconscious phoenix into an armoured truck.  I clench my teeth. I was just above them, and had little chance to get down there before they drive off. I hit the window in frustration as it cracks. I hit it again with anger it continues cracking as, the swat below take notice me.  Then the idea came to mind. I kick the window as it shatters, a flurry of bullets come through. I step back the bullets all hit the ceiling.

"My turn." I say running, then jumping out the window.  My position the armoured transport was perpendicular, as it started move away.  I frantically wave my arms in the air willing my body to fall through the air faster, as bullets fly all around me. I hit the side of the transport with a thunk. My left arm was grasping the roof with whatever strength was left in it. The pain shooting directly to my brain. I grimace as the transport gains speed, and as bullets narrowly miss me . Lady luck was truly on my side today. I hull my right arm up with the sub machine gun in my hand and lift myself up onto the roof.

Behind us swat cars roared to life as the wind threatened to blow me off the roof as the transport gained speed on the downhill grade towards a light traffic. The setting and the vehicles reminded me the first day I had met Phoenix.  This was the second time I had gotten us both in a nasty situation. However first time was because his timing was horrible.  I worked my way to the front of the vehicle. With little choice I slide onto the windshield causing the drivers to flip out , and swerve. My body heads left as the cars heads right. the sub machine gun goes flying from my right arm. I grab onto a railing beside the drivers seat door. With my left arm I barely manage to open. The driver, with little surprise to my presents try to hit me off the transport. as his passenger steadily aims a revolver. Supporting my weight with my right arm, I jump up and kick the driver in the head . His necks break, as his body hits his passenger who unfortunately pulls the trigger as his arms are pointed towards his head. He dies instantaneously. 

The truck violently swerves, and spins out of the control flipping, and throwing me onto the road as it slides on it side. Spilling its contents from the back door which included. Phoenix's unconscious body. I hit the concrete road winded, and knowing ribs had just been broken. Luckily I was in shock with a massive load of adrenaline running through my body. I got up as Swat vehicles slammed into the crashed transport truck. I grab Phoenix's body which laid beside a curb with my right arm, and dragged him up to a parked car. With little time to waste I manage to break in and put Phoenix in the car,and get myself into the drivers seat.  I press the ignition button with the glove the copied anyone's footprint, and drove. Bullets chased after us as we made our escape, but none managed to hit us just the car seats and windows. Minutes later I managed to hide myself in public traffic, my consciousness slowly slipping away, I pulled into a parking lot taking out my cellphone. As it dialled. Fought to keep consciousness.

"Shard?" Personna's voice came across.

"I got Phoenix. I'm at parking lot som'er  far  from universal news. You going have  pick us up, I losing." I fell asleep.


The End

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