Just as Shard's words finished processing in my mind I heard the helicopters propellers closing in on me, lifting dust off the skyscraper roof. The heavy wall of dust blinded me for some moments as I tried crawled away from my current position. I rubbed my eyes, squinting through the heavy curtain, for a way out toward the other building and at the same time trying to find a way out of this mess.

"They got Phoenix, we lost communication with him..." Shard breathed, uncertainty rang in his voice.

"Get off that building!" Personna screamed through the com, the high pitch hurting my timpani, the echoes of his voice resonating in my head.

"What will happen now!?" I screamed through the cacophony of noises and shouts behind me. But before an answer met my ears, our communication was severed, leaving a piercing sound behind. I yanked it away from my ear, it was every man/woman on its own now. I just hoped Personna was uploading the damn video and Shard could take down the SWAT team and get Phoenix out of the building.

I heard a shot from the distance, the bullet hitting some metres away from me.

"Don't shoot!" someone shouted, "there are innocent civilians in this building!" Immediately after that command I heard heavy combat boots falling in the roof, their bodies scraping the building as they descended. The sound of the helicopter propeller was distancing itself from the building.

I run away, crouched, around a decorative structure atop the skyscraper I had been set for surveillance. I heard footsteps closing in on both directions, I dashed for the edge of the building, my foot set on the stone pedestal, ready to jump free fall into the next skyscraper.

I felt a hand taking me by the hair and wrench me away from the edge of the building. My body fell on the floor, I quickly scrambled to my feet and face two armed men, their weapons on me. One of them placed a paw on my shoulder and slammed me against the structure.

The other one reached for his radio and spoke to it in a heavy voice, "we got another one..."

I took advantage of their distraction and kicked the one pinning me against the structure on the groin. He flinched in the pain and hunched forward, my knee connected with his face, sending him backward, his nose broken. I unstrapped his rifle from his and gave a final kick on his chest. He was left on the floor, covering his bloody face.

Before the other one could react, I swung the rifle before me. The rifle butt smashed on the side of his head. He swayed but quickly recovered, his finger reaching for the trigger. I swung my foot upward, kicking him in the chin, he staggered backward. I turned on one foot to gather impulse, my extended foot connects with the side of his face and he falls to the floor.

I stooped and snatched his rifle away, tossing one into the streets below us and strapping the other one on me. I hastily left them behind, jumping onto the next building, making sure I was out of view from the now approaching helicopter. I landed on the adjacent skyscraper and rolled out of view, kneeling behind some of the plants in this green roof.

First escape and if opportunity presents itself, a rescue will be done. I wished Shard was ahead of me with the rescue and the world was relishing with the video.

The End

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