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 I rubbed my forehead, thinking it over. Universal News is the second largest news company on the planet and they have an incredibly clean record. They've only been hacked twice, so their security should be low enough. We can't hack the website on the outside, their programs will trace the genesis of the hack and figure it out. So, I have to go in and figure out how to get to their servers and plug in a USB drive that will say it's a part of the hardrives. From there, the hack will upload the video of the meeting to their website and within an hour, at least three million people will have seen it. It's just enough time to get this to work.

A massive building towered above me, 420 meters high, 80 meters in length and width. The entire back of the building had one solid piece of glass, not a framework of different windows. A concrete ring surrounded the building, looping around it all the way to the top, suddenly stopping with no visible support holding it up. Small bridges connected the ring to the building, one for every floor. A bridge extended over a lake surrounding the building straight to a glass entrance. I blinked a few times, taking in the sight. That's seriously the headquarters for the second largest News company on the planet?!

I cocked my head sideways, gasping. Personna joked over the com. "Woooow".

I sighed, realizing that my mic was on. Wasp moaned on the com. "Wwoooooww".

I shook my head and mumbled "I just got caught up in the sight of the thing."

Shard mumbled "I see an entrance for you. I also have a plan to get you out."

A reporter passed by, walking onto the bridge. I furiously whispered "Yeah, make sure you aren't drunk when I need to get pulled out!"

Personna stated "My hacks don't get noticed, so, you'll be fine..."

I groaned and stated "Please, don't pran-"

Personna growled "I'm not going to! Trust me and do what I say. Just get inside, ask for the head of Server Maintenance, say your name is Robert Stewart. They have a maintenance guy scheduled for today, so you should be able to get in fine, despite what you're wearing. Trust me, guys from I.T. at this level don't bother with proper attire."

I frowned, everyone seemed tense despite the jokes. Getting into the building and planting the bug in their servers wouldn't even take that long. Wasp has surveillance, Shard has my escape and Personna will be drinking tea. I stepped forwards and began walking across the bridge. After two minutes, I made it to the entrance, opening a glass door. A small room with opaque glass greeted me. A camera instantly zoomed in on my face. I stuttered "It's staring at me."

Personna mumbled "I'm swapping out a photo of Robert Stewart with you. By the way, where is Robert anyways?"

Shard answered "I took care of him a few minutes ago."

The camera zoomed out. The glass turned transparent and slid down. A massive room greeted me, showing every glass floor of the building along with massive steel supports carefully tucked out of instant view. Elevators ran to each floor. Personna stated "You want to take the elevator down to the basement."

I nervously said "They all look the same."

Personna answered "Sorry, it's two to the left of the one directly in front of you."
My feet moved at an angle eight meters towards the elevator. It's doors automatically opened, allowing me to move in. Wasp questioned "Why is it that so few people work here?"

I answered "When this place was built, editors liked to stay in the office instead of travelling to areas without internet." The doors to the elevator closed, accompanied by a falling sensation. "Then came good satellite internet, now they travel with high end reporters. Who ever can get the story out the fastest wins."

The elevator stopped, the doors opening. A small room greeted me, packed with six computers and hundreds of wires. Six people clacked on the computers with bored expressions. I stated "I'm Robert Stewart, here to fix your computer."

Wasp seethed "Server!"

I quickly corrected "Uh, I meant fix the server, where can I work?"

No one even paid attention, they just kept clacking at their keyboards. Personna laughed "Even Wasp knew it was a server!"

Wasp said "Even Wasp?"

Personna started "Ye-"

"Guys, Phoenix has no clue what he's doing" Shard interupted.
Personna stated "Okay, you have to go to any computer and plug in that drive I gave you. Tell them it's for their base DAIOS and that it'll help with the stutter problems with the view script."

I hesitantly walked to one of the computers and repeated what Personna said. The man didn't even look at me, he just nodded and kept typing. I grabbed my USB drive and stuck it into his computer. Personna stated "Alright, that's it. Great job, now get out before the police arrive."

My heart skipped a beat and started racing. I ran into the elevator, frantically pushing a button and furiously whispered "Police?"

Shard stated "The man you impersonated had a resonate chip in his brain." The elevator started moving. "While he's unconscious, he can write a message and send it to whoever he likes. We didn't know about it until Wasp picked up their chatter."

 "We needed you to stay calm and collected" Wasp stated.

 I furiously yelled "It sure helped a lot!"

 The doors to the elevator opened. I sprinted into the lobby to see a SWAT team already at the entrance, weapons trained on me. I put my sweaty hands up and felt hands grab my shoulders, smashing me into the ground. A low Swedish voice yelled "WHERE IS THE REST OF THE UNDERGROUND?!"

 Personna whispered "They got him."

 Wasp yelled "How?!"

 A fist slammed into my cheek.

 Personna yelled back "I don't know!"

 Shard stated "They've got seven teams inside... I can't take on that many. Wasp, I see a helicopter. It's moving in on your skyscraper, jump to the next before it tags you!"

 Hands started searching my pockets. A smash screamed across my com, then static.

The End

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