"Cameras are offline,"

That was my signal, I jumped over the wall and pirouetted my lithe body to fall noiselessly on the roof of the airbase. With the cameras off and the majority of the guards busying themselves over the Roman candle nothing could interfere with my part of the mission.

I take out my laser pen and click on the ignition button, a red beam shot through the tip and impacts with the material of the roof, slowly but steadily I move the pen in the shape of a circle. I remembered the countless of times I performed this trick when I was back in France, back then I did it out of selfishness this time it was out of duty. Both had something in common: survival.

"I'm in," I stated on the com and slid my body inside the internal structure of the air force base. The internal metallic skeleton of the base welcomed me, the skeleton consisted of metallic frames crossing on each other forming triangles. I stepped carefully and crawled on the beams making sure that nobody saw me although it was dark enough to hide me in the shadows.

Once I wrapped my legs around a supporting vertical beam, I leaned my body forward and took the camera out. The airbase had a medium sized metallic platform in the middle with chairs facing it, men in formal attires sat on them, facing the platform solemnly. In the platform there was a white-clothed table with three people sitting in it. Soldiers in navy uniform lined up the entrance of the base, there also was a display of different planes, jets, or any airborne ship. 

I started the camera, I was safe for now if Personna was successful to plant the bugs into their system. I would know anyways, and if anything went wrong we would escape. The mistake in South Africa will not repeat itself.

Three men were facing the rest of important members of the UN staff, one was Vega, the other was ghost, and the last one was an unknown man. This unknown man had a solemn and serene face, his eyes were severe and despite his graying hairs he look as young and powerful as any soldier. This man might be the leader for the UACU, I zoomed the camera at him.

The meeting started, Vega stood and was the first to speak. "Good evening gentlemen, I am very delighted to have you assembled in this respected airbase in the outskirts of Norway. I want to be concise for when this meeting is over all of us have issues to attend to," Vega said, "I am happy to say the culmination for what we've been working for over five years happens tonight." There were applause from the members of the UN. "I would like to introduce the man who made all of this possible, Mr. Drygin, he is our representative to the UACU." He pointed toward Drygin, who saluted. "He has been working hard to bring this deal together. And his effort was rewarded, this evening we have the president for the UACU, Mr. Hans Roberts."

The man with graying hair stood up and bowed, then he went back to his seat.

"We are steps closer to unionizing the world under a dictatorship," Vega went on talking about his plan concerning the overpopulation issue and to smothered any kind of resistance. "After we sign the deal, the nations of the UACU and UN will be One, this world will come together under a single dictatorship system. Out of many, one."

General murmurs of acceptance resonated in the base, then they proceed to sign the papers. The UACU was giving their sovereignty over to the UN, there was no backing away when the fountain pen touched the paper with its tip and the signature was written. Handshakes and congratulations were made.

"We are done Wasp," I got Personna's message through the com, "get out, I am getting out of  their system." I turn the video camera off and climbed out with haste. The cold night air hit my face as I emerged from the base, in the distance I saw the officers drive back to the base after the candles distraction. I climbed down the wall and rush out of view.

Within fifteen minutes we were driving away from the military base in our rented jeep, we opted for the safer path: through the thick needle leaf forest. In the embedded screen we watched the video.

"This has to be stopped," I heard Phoenix muttered.

The End

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