Getting inMature



As soon as the candles go off I wast no time to scale the wall into the base.  Each explosion reminded me of the past, the past of being manipulated by these bastards! Upon reaching the top of the wall I jump down, and roll to the ground staying flat, I take out a small interface on my wrist, and type in a simple code that will put the camera's on a feedback loop.

"Camera's are offline." I say on the com's s getting to a crouch seeing Wasp fly over the wall and effortless get herself onto the roof of the base.  She was going to be in charge of recording the meeting. I was going to get Personna's equipment into their system.  I hesitated I was saving lives this time, not killing million's this time. Right? So why am I standing here? I move forwards and simply walk in by pressing my hand on the Nano scanner , and hand reader. It glowed red before one of the bugs I left in the system came into affect giving me access. I was surprised at the fact that they hadn't removed any of the bugs I had left when I left the U.N.

Well that could be a lie and this was just away of catching me. Still I doubted that very much because the bug would deactivate if they had done something like that unless they had someone that knew my style of programming which was unlikely.  I get in and keep myself scarce keeping hand by the pistol at my side as I sneak through the shadows, and around various people before getting into a large room filled  with machinery, and having a mass amount of information, and servers, it was only a small part of the U.N's cloud server, but the very nature of a cloud-server allowed to pick any information that you desire, unless you don't have the right codes to get the heavy information only very people could see, and past is secret cloud server which only the people at the top of the U.N have access to and only few people know about. Someone even like me doesn't even know how to get into that server. After getting Personna's stuff in, I get onto the coms.

"Alright heading to meeting anything else I need to do or pick up while i'm here?"

The End

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