I booked my own seat on my plane, aiming for first class. I sat down, looking at where Personna had booked me. A highly obese man sat a seat away from the window, fat literally moving over his armrests. I smiled and leaned back in deep thought. So, the UN silently takes over the planet. To quell any resistance? Then, they plan to inject as many people as possible to get rid of an overcrowding issue. There are 16 billion people on the planet, I can see why. I thought everything is sustainable, though. No, it's to reduce any resistances numbers. The military can't do anything, they have nano machines designed to kill them as soon as they try to go against their government. Not to mention un-maned vehicles, they'd slaughter any riot. If this happens, it'll be more then 8 billion dead people. It'll be more on the lines of 9 billion. I can't imagine any resistance group winning. We need to tape this meeting.

Three hours passed. I landed in Norway, two hours into the night. I walked out of the plane and found a taxi. A full hour later, I stopped in a little village twenty kilometres away from the airforce base. I sighed and walked to a garage by a large house. I punched in a code into the garage door. The door opened, revealing a Ducatti moterbike. I smiled, thanking the summer. I pulled myself onto the Ducatti and leaned forwards, putting in the code to start it's engine. The Ducattis one hundred and sixty horsepower engine came to life. I pulled on the throttle and sped towards the base at two hundred KPH. After ten minutes, I arrived at the front of the base, my headlights shinning of the bases gate. A voice whispered over my com. "Phoenix, we're ready."

Smiling, I turned around and wobbled my bike, causing a planned crash. My Ducatti skidded along the ground, scratching the paint. I shook my backpack of and unzipped the front zipper, taking twelve Roman Candles out. I put them on the ground and picked my bike back up, driving away. A minute later, the Roman candles remotely ignited, shooting at the entrance to the base, bright in the night. Guards looked at the entrance, curious. Here's your opportunity guys, take it!

The End

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