I re-read the directions for the tenth time during the last five minutes, it seem almost impossible that our new HQ would be in a hotel room. I tapped my shoes impatiently, waiting for the lift to reach floor number fourteen, I scratched my scalp, the black wig I had on was itchy.

The lift came to a stop and its doors opened, a long dimly lit hallway stretched in front of me. I stepped out of the lift and search for room number 504, I spot it at the far right. I rapped three quiet knocks on it, I waited, then the door was being unlocked and finally opened. I smiled when I saw Phoenix opened the door.

"Hello, did you ordered a Burlesque dancer?" I asked trying to sound flirtatious.

"It was about time you appeared," Phoenix opened the door to let me in.

Personna was sitting in the small living room, he had set up quite an amazing work space. He saw me and a bit of colour rose to his face, he stood up and stormed at me.

"I cannot believe you!" he said, raising his arms to the air, "we leave you in charge for a couple of days and our hideout is blown to pieces by the time we get back!"

"I wouldn't say blown to pieces, mind you," I retorted, clearly affronted by such an accusation. "Our underground HQ seems totally fine. They blow up that shabby house and they are heavily patrolling the other entrance!"

Personna grumbled and head toward the small kitchenette to brew some tea.

"I am fine, by the way," I said reproachfully, "how was Kuwait?"

Silence answered me. I rolled my eyes and yanked off the wig.

"Geez, what's up with him?" I asked Phoenix.

Phoenix shrugged, "had a terrible flight," he sneered.

A man emerged from the restroom, I was intrigued by his sudden appearance. He ruffled his hair and rubbed his eyes as if trying to stay awake. His eyes were bloodshot and he gave the impression to have a severe hangover.

"By the way, Wasp, meet our newest member," Phoenix said, "his name is Shard, ex-military officer, we met him at a bar and recruited him for his skills."

Shard raised a hand, his way of greeting, my guess. I eyed him and turn to look at Phoenix, an incredulous look on my face.

"How hard did those blokes in Kuwait hit your head?" I asked.

Phoenix returned me a quizzical look, "I beg your pardon?"

"What happened to your professional standards? You recruited the first boozed up, ex-military officer that crossed your path?"

"Exactly," Personna muttered from the kitchenette counter.

"Hey, I am pretty useful!" Shard snapped, he sauntered our way. "I could snap your fragile womanly figure within seconds."

"I'd like to see you try," I clenched my fingers into a fist.

"C'mon guys, stop this!" Phoenix stepped between Shard and me. "We are suppose to be a team, we have a mission to perform. Wasp did you find anything useful at the UN office?"

I gave Shard one last dirty look before turning to Phoenix, "Yes, the UN and UACU are planning to sign the deal of uniting completely almost every nation in the world."

"When?" Phoenix asked

"They are planning a secret meeting one week from now, in Norway," I replied, taking out some notes in which I had scribbled on and the tape recorder. "Exactly on a Saturday at 22:00, in a military base somewhere in the north."

Phoenix was deep in thoughts, "we must be there." He paced around the room, "at the medical facility we found something disturbing, apparently they are secretly creating this biological weapon and plan to introduce it to the world as a common flu pill."

"It destroys the brain tissue," Personna added, his gaze intent upon his computer, "it is their plan to wipe-off more than half  the population of the world."

My eyes grew in horror.

"We have to move quick," Phoenix said, "Personna, get us separate flights for Norway, we will arrive in Norway in separate flights and once there each one of us will find our own means to reach the military base." He turned to Shard, "you were a military officer, therefore you must be acquainted with the base structures. Tell us the best way to approach without being seen."

Personna was typing away in his computer, "we have our flights."

Phoenix brought some paper and a pencil, we all sat around Shard while he explained the basic structure of a military base. By day break we had our plan outlined and our basic espionage material ready. In about three hours we will be separated, each flying to Norway.

The End

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