Tip of the SpearMature

Personna began to gather up his items. The aircraft had begun to taxi to the terminal. Once the fasten seatbelt sign had disappeared he unbuckled and began to stand/hunch.

            “How was the ride?” The voice belonged to Phoenix asked. Personna would have none of it. He just ignored the man altogether. Shard had sobered up and gotten real quiet. It was odd, he was a completely different man without alcohol running through his veins. Personna worried he would off himself the first chance the poor sod got. However after what had happened in Kuwait he wasn’t sure he wouldn’t follow in suit.

            Damon had been the closest thing to a friend Personna had since he had left the majority of society and gone underground. Other things were on his mind though. The fact that Wasp hadn’t checked in was bugging him. Last he was told she was attacked in the compound and had escaped.

            Something was up. How had the UN after all this time found their hideout? Nothing had changed as far as he knew. Even more disturbing was the data uncovered from the medical facility. Production of a special kind of medical nanite had been going on for the last year or so. Interestingly the product had yet to be announced to the public. It was a cure all that was to be kindly distributed to the worst off in society, free supposedly to cut down on sickness in overpopulated areas. What wasn’t going to be told was that this amazing cure actually destroyed brain tissue effectively killing the subject within ten minutes once the nanites were activated.

            “Hey Personna.” Shard started. “Were moving out now.”

            “Thanks” was all Personna was able to reply, his brain still trying to understand all of the new data.

            “Hey we gotta find Wasp, she could be in huge trouble.” Phoenix added.

            “Yup.” Personna replied. Things were going badly. The UN was about to close a deal with the Americas and wipe out a huge percentage of the population. Wasp was god knows where and Shard was sober. Personna almost preferred Shard drunk. At least then we wasn’t so depressed.

            The group made it out of the airport with no incident and began heading towards the warehouse to evaluate the damage. When they arrived the group decided it was unsalvageable. Underground detonations had destroyed the area leave ruins in its wake. They headed to a hotel to set up a temporary base of operations and search for Wasp.  

The End

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