Shard swayed a little behind me in the airport security line up. People in the line whispered about his drunkeness. Shard turned around and asked a lady "I'ma sick, you gottta pillsh or somethin?"

I smiled and looked behind me, curious. Shard took a swig of some whisky. I snatched it out of his hand and fake smiled, stating "No, we've got work to do."

Shard mumbled"I got us outa thererrs, give mee my vod-whiskey".

I looked at the bottle. On the side written in small lettering was 88% alcohol. He was already drunk to begin with, how smashed is he?! I asked "How much of this have you had?"

Shard laughed "Lots! Drank mosst of it affter we gotta out of thar".

I reached into my luggage and pulled out a Jarva pop, tearing of the label and unscrewing the cap. Quickly, I tossed a pill into the pop, shaking it up. Personna, I'll get you back good. I looked at Shard and mused "This is some good stuff here, the best I've ever had."

"Does it gotta kick?!"

"Err, yeah, sur-"

Shard snatched the Jarva out of my hand and unscrewed the cap, draining the pop. He smiled at me and grabbed my shoulder. He whispered "I love you man."

A security guard walked up and asked "Sirs, could you please move up the line if it would please your homo tendencies?!"

Shard kept smiling. His smile slowly turned to horror as the chemicals in the pill I gave him cleaned his system of alcohol. He slowly withdrew his hand and grabbed his suitcase. I smiled with embarrassment and walked up the line. I presented our tickets and denied any connection to Shard. The guard looked at me funny. I smiled and hesitantly stated "I just thought he could use some help getting home."

The lady smiled and began a barrage of questions. Behind me, Shard started to throw up. 

"Are you from Switzerland?"

I replied "Yes."

"Can he answer any questions?"

"Aha, yeah that's not going to happen."

"Whatever, just make sure he doesn't assault anyone."

I tugged on Shards sleeve, pulling him past the counter. He groggily asked "Who cleans a drunks body with chems still... aaahhhhhhh, my head, I swear I'm gonna kill you after this."

I pulled Shard through the nano detectors, through three hallways and onto the plane. Personna waved from the back. Shard mumbled "Why di-" A flight attendant interupted "Please sit in the back and enjoy th-

Shard mumbled "Fight".

"Sorry sir, the boxing match i-"

"I said flight!"

I guided Shard to the back of the plane, right next to Personna, trapping him by the window. Personna lifted his laptop as he saw Shards green face and yelled "WWWOOOO, NOT ON THE KEYBOARD! WHY IS HE SITTING NEXT TO ME?!"

I replied "Can't change seats, RIGHT JULIA?!"

A female flight attendant walked by and stated "Yes, you must stay confined only to your seat as a security requirment for the flight."

Personna stared at me and sighed "I'm not even going to ask how you know her name."

I smiled "Wanna know why?!"

Personna furiously asked "Why?!"


"You're still holding a grudge?!"


Speakers came to life as the pilot announced "We will arrive in Egypts border in less then two hours. Please remain seated as this is an express flight."

Personna looked at Shards sick face and muttered "How is this fair?"

I smiled "It isn't."

I moved four aisles up and sat down. Four minutes later, the plane took of, Shard vomiting into a bag. Vomit spilled out, covering Personas shirt.

The End

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