A dark plaster hit the wall, changing its dark colour to gray. I aimed the gun sight 2.5 feet above the previous target, I pulled the trigger. Perfect muffled shot, the plaster hit the target solidifying itself when it entered in contact with the wall, the bazooka was resting on my shoulder. I had been shooting these chemically altered ball of plasters for the past half hour, part of my brilliant idea to climb the UN building. I was dressed in black, hidden in the thick shrubs and forest surrounding the building.

I lay the bazooka next to the infrared binoculars and covered it with fallen leaves and dirt. I had been all afternoon standing guard outside the building and watching the human activity inside the building, learning the security pattern. At twilight I set forth my infiltration plan, I hid behind the shrubbery of the less moonlit illuminated face of the building and shot these plasters 2.5 feet apart, covering a total length of 45 feet. I walked crouch-down until I reached the place where shadows were no longer present. With great speed, I dash to the building, pressing my body against the cold block wall. The security patrolled this area every 15 minutes, enough time for me to climb it. I gently pushed myself up, almost vertically against the wall.

Upon reaching the flat terrace, I glanced at my watch, it located the video cameras on the roof, picking up their signal, and told me the exact location of each device. When I read the location, I aimed my wrist watch and it released a red light that disabled the device for at least two minutes. With the camera disabled I jumped to the terrace and ran to the ventilation system. I took a small screwdriver and unscrew the ventilation grille. I heard a car speeding toward the building but I did not have time for it. Once inside, I crawled through the ventilation ducts, at least there was no cameras here.

I arrived a dead end, the duct was now sloping downwards. The second floor is heavily patrolled, I thought. There must be something in that place. I drilled the upper ceiling of the duct, hooked one end of the rope on the hole and descending with the other end.

I crawled, in search for the women restroom. I reached it, unscrewed the ventilation grille, disabled the camera, and descended. I ran to the door and pushed down the handle, poking my head to check on the deserted hall. I heard footsteps coming from the left side. Two men in black tuxedos walking down my way. I closed the door, straining my ears to listen the direction of their footsteps, a door opened, and then closed. More than two minutes elapsed, the blinking of the video camera behind me coming to life, I was unaware of it.

I opened the door once again, severing the communication of the video camera. I ran into the hall and to my right, looking for the door. There was only one door on the far side of the hall, I crept to it and lightly touched the handle, pushing it slowly down. The door opened, I peered through the crack, seeing nobody, I opened the door large enough for me to squeeze into the room. Once in the room I ran for hiding behind a plant, this room resembled that of a conference room, I spotted the two figures at the far end of the room, both smoking fine tobacco. I reached for the tape recorder attached to my belt and clicked it to life. I taped their conversation for the last five minutes, it was the last lines that interested me:

"Are you going to the signing of the deal in Norway next week?" a gruff voice asked his companion.

"I am not sure, it will be very cold!" the other voice replied.

"But to finally get it done with will be very rewarding."

"I am not sure about the candidness of the UACU to join our efforts..."

"Are you out of your mind? We have sacrificed a hell lot of money and time to work this deal out, Drygin has been working his ass out to get those communist lovers to join us!" his voice rang through the deserted room. " The deal will be done. The world will never know what hit them and they will fall into a dictatorship!" Laughter.

I heard enough, the deal of the official union between the UACU and the UN will take place in Norway a week from now. I had to get out of the building. The door burst open, forcing me to retreat farther into the shadows.

"What does this interruption mean?" the gruff voice demanded.

"Sir, security captured an intruder in the women restroom some minutes ago. We believe the intruder is still on the second floor," the officer said, "I suggest you to evacuate the second floor immediately."

I saw two men walked out of the room. Dang, now how am I going to get out? They walked around the room, I realized I took more than two minutes in the restroom. The only way out was by force, I reached to my waist bag and retrieved a ski mask, I pulled it over my face. With the officer's back facing me, I crept out of the room. I reached the door, a shot missed my head for an inch. I pushed the door open and ran for cover as bullets rang behind me. It would be seconds before the whole building was covered with officers holding me at gunpoint, I wasn't going to allow that.

I ran to the window, taking out my gun and fired three times. To my dismay the window pane was bulletproof! The bullets were mere protrusions in the thick cracked glass.

"Halt!" a scream behind me. I turn around to face two officers with their weapons aiming at me. I dropped my weapon, arms up. One of the officers approached me, he closed his hand tightly around my arm and brought it harshly down. I kneed him in the stomach, he bent forward grimacing in pain, my free elbow came crashing on his spine, rendering him unconscious. The other officer pulled the trigger, bullets were hitting the glass pane, I took my gun and rolled out of the firing range, took aim and shot him in the neck. The bullets stopped, the officer was dead. With my elbow I cracked opened the tattered window, glass cutting my flesh. I jump through the window, spreading my arms open and fell on the ground, I rolled to allow the force of the fall be transmitted to the ground.

I scrambled to my feet and ran for the trapdoor, the alarm was blaring behind me.

The End

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