A little know howMature

Bullets hit the armoured transport making a distinct noise while uselessly grinding and flattening itself on the metal, still it wouldn't be long until we have a soldier using the appropriate weapon to take us out in the car. This meant if I was thinking correctly or in the right order, we take out gps locator, lose our pursuers ditch the car, and go wherever this guy meant us to go. That sounded right to my drunken brain. I take out my stolen pistol from earlier. I eyed the road seeing a blurred road, and line-up of blurred traffic. Not taking enough care I then eye a panel between the passenger’s feet. The guy who offered me the job looked terrified as I pulled the trigger, the bang loud enough to deafen out any surrounding sounds. The Panel door hits clangs open with a huge dent in it.

"Why the hell did you do that?!" He shouts, I pull on the emergency break ,making a high-speed J turn, avoiding a car by mere inches.

"There isaa GPS locator in thar." I slur now turning right sliding sideways into a tight roadway which could only lead to escape or capture," Pull the rad wirre out and curt the red, after that moove therrr wirres aaside, and there shald be a L.E.D screen, with a kayboard under it. Type in four, two, three one, and that should scramble anyone trying to track us by satellite or radio." I was beginning to slur even more only meaning, that last beer was just taking affect, making my vision worse.

"four, two, three, one? Right" He asks.

"Yes that’s it." I confirm doing a hard right, then left, Less bullets where pinging on the armoured car," Now we have to lose that one vehicle behind us before they call for back up, you any good with a gun?" I say, he looks at me blankly before he shouts.

"Turn to the right we heading for a dead end!"

"Oh right." I reply to drunk to get shaken I simply let off the gas getting the weight on the front tires before yanking the steering wheel right, making the whole car skid and slide making the 90 degree turn," Here you drive, and I'll shoot since I’ve got the gun."

"Your crazy." He says.

"Damn right I'am!",I reply starting to change seats," Its one way to remain unpredictable." I add not in the passenger seat as he struggles to get into the driver’s seat. the window goes down and I take out my pistol which would normally have no affect on the armoured vehicle behind us. But luckily for us, I knew how to stop the car dead in its tracks with one or two shots, because luckily even the smartest soldiers forget that when the manufacture built these armoured cars to be what would be indestructible except for the small grill on the front. Which would not be targeted because you would be two worried about other things to realize, and also because it would take some skill to hit the same target twice. Still even in my drunken state I was better than many soldiers out there when it came to marksmanship. I take the first shot missing, receiving a spray of bullets from an assault rifle.

Alright maybe in the drunken state part it would take more than a couple shots, I focus on the 3 inched hole on the vehicles left side and press the trigger multiple times. Fear struck me as most of the shot missed but the luckily the last three make it and a splatter of oil shoots from the car, and other mechanical fluids slowly bringing the car to a stop behind us.

"Alright they probably called in backup but by the time they get here we would be long gone." I say putting the now empty pistol away, my head hammering away with a headache. Maybe I should lay off the booze if I was going to be doing this again? I think to myself forgetting what it was like to be completely sober, and left to remember what I had done.


The End

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