The Fourth MemberMature

"Phoenix, it's Personna."

"I hear you."

"Good, I don't know how much longer that'll last. Jammers have been going hot all over the city."

"Personna, I thought this place is demilitarized."

"I thought so too! Any word on Shard?"

I looked over a wall on the top of a two story building, overlooking a bar. Inside, one guy drinking after closing hours, sitting on a stool.

I responded "Yeah, I think I've found him."

Personna asked "How did you find him?"

I quickly replied "Geographical profiling, it's literally an equation that will tell you the most likely spot a person will visit. I had to re-arrange the hell out of it, looking at every place he's been. He seems to have at least a basic understanding of how to avoid profiling." 

"Where did you learn that?!" Personna asked, surprised.

"I used to have a friend in a Criminal Profiling Unit. I'll be able to walk right in and talk to him. At least that's the plan, he could be drunk" I snapped. If my profile's right on this guy, then I should be able to just walk in. Probably shouldn't tell him about the vaccine, this guy doesn't look too much like an idealist.

Personna seethed over the com "I take it you haven't profiled me?"

"I think I will now after you booked a room with one bed." I shut my com of, grinning.

I stood up and walked to a ladder, climbing of the roof. I walked across the street and into the bar. Two people were inside, ones back turned to me. The other cleaned glasses behind a counter. Uneasy, I fingered my pistol. I sat on a stool beside him. The AC unit looked broken, the place certainly seems way too hot. 

I tapped the mans shoulder and he looked at me, the stench of alcohol coming of his breath. I stated "It's nice seeing you Shard."

Shard gulped down some beer, eyes boring into my forehead. He whispered "I knew you would be here. I also know you aren't government, obviously. If you're here, it must benefit me."

I laughed "If you knew I'd be here, you wouldn't have waited for me to arrive, not knowing if I was working for the UN, where you used to work."

Shard turned on his stool and growled "Some habits die hard. What do you want?"

I looked over his drunken state, ignoring his rank breath. Yeah, he's a mess, but he'll do.

I replied "I want to hire you, 200,000, a place to hide and a way to clear your name. No one high up enough will even know enough about you to ever come after you again."

Shard asked "I take it there's a downside?"

"We need someone who can fight in combat. Someone talented enough, to protect us from Special Forces Units. When we find out what we need to know, I will pay you and you can go free."

Shard grinned and asked "I need to know how long getting this info will take you. Plus... it would make sense to hire someone who had a grudge against the UN. That is who you're fighting, right?"

My eyes opened a bit wider. He could reason pretty good for being this drunk. Shard tapped my shoulder and stated "Well... they're coming."

I yelled "Are you serious?! You couldn't mention this before hand?!"

Shard fell of his stool and shakily stood up. He mumbled "Yeah, I got a way out. I'm always ahead of these guys."

I shook my head and asked "How are we getting out?!"

The wall broke open, a vehicle flying through. Bricks slowly spun across the room. I started to run, but everything felt unnaturally slow. The vehicle rammed into the counter, now in full view as an armoured transport. Shard stumbled forwards and put his thumb on the door. It clicked open and he slammed the door open, throwing the driver out. He kicked the man out sitting beside the driver. The back door of the transport opened, soldiers would soon be spilling out. I jumped into the transport, thanking the fact that the drivers cab is always seperated from the troops in the back in this model. Shard drove backwards, the vehicle swaying back and forth. I tapped his shoulder and asked "Shouldn't I be driving?!"

Shard replied "No, I always know what I'm doing!"

The transport sped of down the road, bullets pinging of the tires.

The End

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