Rove’s HoundsMature

Darkness had one again blanketed the world in that eternal struggle. Even the moon had been choked out by clouds. The ship sitting on the dock for the last few hours opened up and a horde of machinery mixed with men flowed out of the cargo port. One, the most notable of the group walked towards a small guardhouse on the warf. He was tall with a slight limp in his left leg. His muscular frame had absolutely no trouble with opening the door to the small guard station.  

                “Well its nice to finally see the man were paying a fortune for!” Phoenix said hand out in greeting.

                “Good to see you again Damon” Personna also said but just kept working.

                “Nice to meet you, Phoenix is it? Something the matter there Perci?” Damon half chuckled.

                “No problem that involves you. Doesn’t matter. Lets get down to business. Damon, I need your team to secure the UN embassy. Try to draw as much of the UN troops here towards your position.” Personna then pulled out a small black object. “Then install this onto any computer. An auto hack will be engaged and transfer the money into your account. After You get it installed you need to get the hell out of that building.”

                “And why is that Perci?”

                “You’ll be rigging it with as much C-12 as possible. Keep a few live fire drones in to make sure they are baited.”

                “Ahhh just like Brussels. No trace of us after then.”

                “That’s the plan. Also Phoenix is going to need an infiltration team to get into the medical facility.”

                “Yeah, I’ll put my best guys together for that one.”

                “Phoenix, this is where you come in. I’m going to need you to install a few of these around the building.” The devices were similar to those that Personna had handed Damon except much smaller.

                “Once these have been installed on any of the computer systems I can start a hack and begin to see all of the projects they have been working on. Preferably try to install them into the higher level offices. It will take much less time for me to hack in.”

                “So you want me to work harder so that you don’t have to?”

                “Precisely, you do this and I’ll sleep on the floor next time.”

                “Yeah, trust me it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.”

                “Ok then. If we’re all ready let’s get to our starting positions.” Personna began to point to areas of the map he wanted everything to be.

                Damon then left the building saying “One hour and then we get to kick some ass!”


                One hour later Personna was back in the hotel room scouting for roof top snipers. “So far so good.” He muttered to himself.

                “Phoenix, you in position?”

                “Yeah, Bulldog and Greyhound are here with me too. Much better company than you’ll ever be!”  

                Ignoring the jab Personna then contacted Damon “Are you in position?”

                “Ready as a newlywed virgin on wedding day!” He replied.

                “Commence Operation Zodiak”

                Personna began to monitor all of the screen that had been set up around the hotel room. Phoenix was holding position with Greyhound and Bulldog. The Mercs were moving up the streets, their armored combat vehicles leading the way. Within minutes news crews in helicopters were circling the air reporting that even more fighting had broken out at the UN embassies.  

                One of the news cams was picking up something interesting. The UN soldiers on the northern flank had begun to surrender. “That’s not going to inspire confidence in their forces.” Personna said. Within seconds an anti air missile had launched a destroyed the news chopper.

                “Damon here, we’ve cut through the northern side of the embassy and are preparing to enter and set charges.”

                “Go ahead Damon.”

                Things were going smoothly. It bugged Personna. He went back to the recording of the news cam.

                “Phoenix here, we’ve breached the medical facility. Beginning to plant the devices. Very light resistance. Knocked out a couple guards, other than that it’s been a pretty smooth operation.”

                “Good, I’ll start the hack now.”

                 Personna then swiveled in his chair to face the other side of the desk. Lines of code began to stream before his eyes. He analyzed the code for a few minutes, and began to make a program that would worm its way into the system. It would ‘learn’ from the firewall and every attack by the firewall would help him get closer to the systems critical info.  

                He swiveled back knowing his worm would need some time to gather the information he needed. Going back over the other side of the desk he began to go over the video taken by the downed news chopper.

                “What’s this?” he said. Then it dawned on him why they had shot down the news chopper. It wasn’t because the troops were surrendering, it was the armored column moving around to outflank the mercs.

                “Damon, get out now!” Personna said.

                “Gimme a minute gonna just install the, yup ok moving out. Whats up?”

                “Armored column moving in on your position.”

                “What? There aren’t supposed to be any in this part of the world. It’s been demilitarized!”

                “Well obviously not.”

                “One minute.” Damon switched channels and began to order troop movements. “I seem them Perci. Were stuck. The other sides can’t break through to us.”

                Silence. The news choppers had returned. The tanks had begun to surround the perimeter of the building. The bulk of the merc force had pulled back and was in a careful retreat to the docks. Personna zoomed in on one of the tanks. “Bismarks, damn.” The Bismark was a newer tank just recently put into production by the UN. They were for putting down ‘urban resistance’.

                Damon broke the silence “I’ve told any men outside of the perimeter to get gone. We can’t make it out.”

                “Damon, I can get you out of there just get me some time! I just need to create a diversion.”

                “Don’t worry about me Perci, this was going to be my last job anyway. Mine as well go out swinging!” Explosions sounded in the background. “Just get the rest of my men out of there!” An ‘I’m finished’ ding had sounded on the hacking terminal, Personna ignored it.

                “Phoenix here. All transmitters have been planted. Exfiltrating now.”

                “Good, be careful for heightened activity outside.”

                “You ok? You sound a bit different than usual.”

                “JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!”


                Personna switched channels back to Damon’s. “You still there?”

                “Yessir. One of my men had the smarts to bring a tank buster with um!” Personna checked the screens. Sure enough two tanks had become landmarks, still red hot from the heat shells the tank busters used. “If we can pop one more of these cherries we might actually make it out of this he-“ The mic cut to static. An Elephant attack chopper had shown up and launched three bunker busters at the embassy. For a few minutes all the screens showed was smoke from the explosion.

                “We made it out. On our way to the hotel now.”

“Good. You brought us a lot of data. On your way back pick up some rum.”

“What? I thought you didn’t drin-“

“Just do it damnit!”

Personna began to go through the data the worm had been collecting. Only a few minor code changes would be needed to dig even deeper. He sifted through the data and what he found shook him to the core.

                “Phoenix. We need to talk. The info about the medical facility was spot on. We have a problem.” 

The End

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