Becoming the targetsMature

 How can he do this to me? I paced the room several times, I had got out of Hong Kong safely. I was under lock, having four different security levels to pass before actually setting foot inside HQ.

I walked around the place, it was well-organized. “Seems like a obsessive-compulsive paranoid lives down here,” I mused. Right, Personna lives here.

I took the folders from the drawer, I had not dare opened them while in the aeroplane, nor did I look through them in the cab.
I unclasped the first folder, bearing the acronyms U.N. The folder contain many papers, I sifted through them, trying to find something useful.

I scanned through a list of countries currently under the control of the UN. Out of many, one. The list was endless, comprising all the countries from Europe (except Finland), many from Asia, Africa, and a few islands. "They are uniting the countries secretly," I said in a low voice. I thumbed through the remaining papers in hope of finding answers. The UACU was not part of the UN yet,  what was taking so long?

Almost through the end I read names. The current public leader of the UN, Randall Gransler, appeared many times, I read his schedule for the next UN meetings of the month taking place throughout Europe. Erasmus Vega was on the Eastern side of the world, we learned so far that he was pulling the strings behind the UN. "The puppet and the puppet master," I muttered. Vega had scheduled many past appointments with a man named Abram Drygin, most likely being ghost.

This man, Abram Drygin had traveled a lot lately, his destination: Canada, headquarters for the UACU. What is his business over there? As far as I know, the UN was not trying to be communist, unlike the UACU, but now I wasn't so sure. I found nothing else except for names and countries. I closed the file and store it back in the drawer, the UN had become a threat to this world. The decay of democracy.

I took the files bearing our code names out. There was only one page for each folder, they didn't do a great job compiling our information. In the page there were general descriptions of us: code names, height, possible abilities and tasks. Nothing else, there was a blurry picture of three figures but nothing that could give us away. "They have been watching us..."

I took the last piece of paper out of a folder, my blood went cold. It was a photograph of the shabby, two-story house, the entrance for our hideout, HQ.

I heard sounds above me, and turn to look at the monitor. Two figures had just entered the house.
“What the hell is going up there?” I asked in an undertone. In my way out through the security door I took a Beretta 9mm and pocket in my trouser. I crossed all of the security barriers before positioning myself just below the hidden trapdoor. Muffled voices, deeply accented, French, my best guess. I strained my ears to hear but it was silent, I heard footsteps going to the second floor. More than one visitor. Nobody, aside from us, has ever set foot near this property.

I emerged from under the trapdoor, pushing the rug that covered it aside, and into a closet. Judging by the photograph, they discovered our hideout. I moved stealthily, procuring to walk as lightly as possible. I took the Beretta out, I walked through the unfurnished living room and up the stairs. The two guests were in one of the rooms at the far end of the hallway, they spoke fast and low.

"Lay down your weapons!" I shouted, with a clear shot to one of the man's forehead. Both men were startled, but dropped their weapons. I walked closer to them and kicked the guns aside. "For whom are you working for?" I demanded.

"We don't know what you are talking about." one man answered.

"And yet you come armed inside a private property," I retorted. "Let me repeat, for whom are you working for?" My tone was harsher.

"Die," one man took a gun from behind him and aimed it at me. A shot rang through the house, I shot him in the chest. He fell hard on the floor, blood seeping from his dead body. I aimed my gun at the remaining man, his face was livid and pale.

"Please don't kill me," be begged, now on his knees.

"Then answer,"  I said curtly.

"We were sent to kill the inhabitants of the house," he sobbed through heavily accented French. My gun was on the side of his head, he was kneeling in front of a window, I was against the wall. "We were hired by..." the skull of the man was perforated by a bullet coming from the outside. Blood splattered on me, I crouched on the floor, covered with shards of broken glass.

I peered through the window and saw a jeep speeding away, heaving clouds of dust. I sprinted downstairs to get a better view of the aggressors, but they were long gone.
Beep,Beep, Beep
An incessant sound resonated throughout the house, what is that sound? I walked around the living room in search of it, finally I spot it, it was a little red dot sparkling in the floor of the living room. The beeping became louder and faster. "Oh no!" I whispered and ran for cover.

The house exploded, creating a deafening sound. Nothing was left of the house, dark smoke seeped to the sky, the burning of wood and human flesh was poignant in the atmosphere.

I laid down on the ground of the underground tunnel leading to HQ, I had made it just in time to fall through the trapdoor. The inside of the trapdoor was intact, I couldn't say the same for the outside. The underground tunnel had been shaken during the explosion, a wall of dust dimmed the lights, but it look fine.

I limped my way toward HQ, everything seem okay. Everything running as usual. "Somebody has been targeting us," I said, "somebody doesn't want us meddling in their stuff."

I took my mobile and dialed Phoenix.

"Hey Phoenix," I said, settling down in an armchair. "They planted a bomb in the house and it went off just now."

"What?!" Phoenix exclaimed, "what happened, are you okay? What about HQ?"

"Everything is fine," I answered, "somebody is trying to get us killed. Is there any other entrance to HQ?"

"Yeah, the other entrance is located in the midst of a forest, near the UN office, why?"

"Okay, thanks." I answered, "I am sneaking inside to get more information regarding the UN and UACU..."

"Are you crazy?! You almost got killed, they are after us, we have to be careful."

"Something is going on inside that office. Somebody is trying to stop us from knowing the truth, I am off to find out why and what they are hiding." I ended the call, turning turning the mobile off.

The End

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