One Room Two OccupantsMature

The hotel was lavish. Then again Kuwait had always been well off. Now even more so with the large medical nanite production centers. Phoenix and Personna got out of the town car and began to get the luggage out of the trunk. Personna quickly looked down at his data pad that had a direct connection to the HQ servers.

                “Will you quite that!” Phoenix said. “You really don’t have to check that thing every second. Wasp can handle it.”

                “Habit.” Personna replied and shrugged. He began struggling with one of the larger bags in the trunk. “Will you help me with this?”

                “Yeah.” A combined jerk by both men freed the baggage.  

                After the bags had been liberated from the trunk and the driver had been paid the men walked up to the check in desk.

                “Hello how can I help you two today?” The lady at the desk inquired.

                “Check in for Robertson please.” Personna responded.

                “The one bed one bath on the seventh floor overlooking the plaza?” She asked.  

                “That’s the one. Oh, and a pull out for my friend here please.”

                Phoenix gave Personna a dirty glare.

                “Will you be needing two key cards?”

                “Yes that would be fine.” She reached behind her desk and pulled out a small paper folder packed with two hyper encrypted key cards in it.

                “Here you go sir and enjoy your stay with us!”

                The two men began heading towards the elevator. About halfway there Phoenix blurted “Really, one bed! You book us in this fancy ass hotel, paying exorbitant prices, and only get one bed? Not to mention I’m still not entirely sure what the plan is.”

                Personna began to respond with “Trust me you wil-“

                “Ill what, barely even be in the room?”

                “No, I was going to say that you will have much more accurate intel faster. The room faces both the UN embassy and the medical facility. It gives me great sight lines to see where they are moving troops, how many, and if they have posted snipers on the top of adjacent rooftops. As for the plan, well go over it in detail with the mercs.”

                Phoenix pondered that for a minute. The elevator doors closed and began to rise. “So you’re saying that no room with two beds and the same vantage were available?”

                “I never said that.”

                The rest of the elevator ride continued in silence.

                The elevator dinged signaling the arrival to the requested floor. The duo made it to the room and began to unpack.

                “Activate the jammer and sweep it.” Personna stated and pulled out a small black handle. Phoenix followed suit and began methodically scanning the entire room.

                “Found one.” Phoenix said pointing to a lamp. “Audio only, no video and seems to be just regular hotel security.”

                “One in the bathroom also. No video with this one as well. Is yours a Ft-90804-3 model?”

                “Yup. Good, that means that none of the UN hotshots are spying on this place, just the regular intrusive hotel security.”

                “Lets get the rest of this equipment unpacked then shall we?” Personna said.

                The next few hours the men began to set up all of the surveillance and communication hardware that Personna had brought along. A telescope had been set up next to the window, shades were drawn, and computers had been set up. By the end the room had evolved into a miniature version of Personnas station back at HQ.

                Personna stated “Ok, looks like we’re done setting up. I’m going to go see if I can find some good drinks here.”

                “Since when do you drink?”

                “Tea? All the time.”

                “Why did I even speculate at anything other than that?”

                “Don’t know, I thought you were smarter.”

                “Ya know you can be a real ass when we’re not in the midst of a mission.”

                “Have to keep it professional.” With that Personna headed back to the lobby. The instant he had left Phoenix mussed up the sheets on the bed.  

                Personna headed to the front desk and inquired where he could find a good tea shop. Getting a satisfactory answer he headed towards the destination.

                As he left the building his smart phone began to buzz. Looking down to the caller ID it was from HQ, had to be Wasp.


                “I cannot believe you left me out on this mission!”

                “Yes well unfortunately you were in transit and this is a very delicate situation were in. Any delay could cost us the information.”

                “Yeah well you could have left me a message somewhere.”

                “HQ could have been compromised. Could not take the risk.”

                “Oh, yeah, suuure. Anyway Rove’s Hounds are bound to arrive in a few hours. They are coming in an industrial cargo transport. Looks like they are bringing some heavy duty hardware.”

                “Thanks. If anything new arises inform me immediately. Especially with the embassy.” Hanging up the call he immediately began to check the HQ servers for any new intel.

                A taxi arrived and took him to the tea shop. Things were going smoothly. However when you involve mercs and government holdings, feces could hit the fan very, very quickly. 

The End

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