Shard: Wasting awayMature


I sat in the middle eastern poor excuse of a bar in Kuwait not quite sober ,and losing grips with reality but well aware of the U.N forces closing in only a few blocks away. How would one ask?  I planned to be a ten steps ahead of them always and knew exactly where they were going be at exact time of day, and when ever there was an order to come and fetch me. Old habits never die and new ones too apparently as I finished my last pint, and stumble off my stool towards a code locked door which lead to the cellar of the bar. Even in my drunken state the code was like child splay while using my gloves that copied anyone's fingerprint. I open the door and fall down a flight of stairs in my drunken stupor pitying the man I had become. I get up stomping and off balance, my vision nearly as good as two blind men put together, I use the railing to find my way down to the cellar rolling my ankles, and saving myself with railing countless times.

This type of behaviour probably drove the U.N nuts, a drunken ex military men able to avoid elite forces with ease must have made them feel like I was doing this just to annoy them and screw with them. Of course whenever I was not under the influence of alcohol I didn't feel like I had the right to live anymore, so keeping my self drunk was the best way to react other then throwing myself off a building like a coward. I take out my knife from a armoured gauntlet on my left forearm, the knife heated up to the point it could cut titanium bars with ease. I climb up onto of a pile of barrels like a stunned squirrel constantly circling the barrel, and cursing at it to stop moving.  Upon getting on top of it I cut my way through a small hole which was guarded by metal bars which I with my knife and crawl through barely fitting. My vision still poor I guessed the positions of the U.N forces, one probably hiding behind a corner ten meters to my right with a small semi automatic hidden by baggy clothing. Probably waiting for me reek havoc inside the bar and ready to provide backup.

So he or she was probably not expecting me to stroll down the street on his left, but still was maybe giving it a loose look everyone once in a while. I think 5 meters to the left was probably a U.N sergeant surveying the area ahead and behind him, he would armed with a pistol, and would spot me if I darted into the opening now. From above there would be five snipers with a eagles eye view of the area, and would definitely take me out if I moved even two feet. I would be seen and shot without hesitation. It seemed like I was out of choices, well fact was I was damn resourceful and also to drunk to make a carefully made decision, and crawled out under a waggon, and grabbed on while it moved, Two bullets hit the ground between the crack of the waggon, and my hiding spot. These snipers were skilled, and probably had studied my behaviour patterns and personality. They also guessed that one of my options of escaped would be the one I took. I could here the Sargent's footsteps coming to the waggon, I grabbed his ankle and tripped him before slicing his arm , and his back severing spinal cords.

I took his gun and rolled underneath a moving truck with drunken skill lifting myself into a hollowed out side, the sounds of bullets tinging away at the metal. Of course they are using lethal force I was a threat to the UN for the fact I knew too much  knew soldier placements, and meeting places only because of my old position in the UN. I was knew how they made their codes, and also the bugs I planted before leaving helped me hack there system accordingly. My vision cleared just a bit to make out the bullets where now piercing the metal of the truck I was using as a get away vehicle. The truck begins to stop I chose to drop to the ground and scuttle into a large building, It looked like this time I had met my match in preparation because I was out ideas about running away, and I was in no condition to be getting myself into a gunfight or any other kind of combat. I desperately looked around the building with my impaired vision seeing  a civilian moving truck loading up boxes under cover a garage. It was perfect by the time the snipers changed positions, and the UN operatives get here the moving truck would have vanished without them even noticing it. Without hesitation I sneak onto the truck and see the doors shut, and felt the rumble of the engine saving me from my pursuers. I was safe for the time being, but also without any liquor for the time being.

The End

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