I mumbled "Why are they checking us again?"

"They want to make sure we haven't brought a slow virus into the airport. These scanners can detect if you have a cold three seconds after it's transferred to you." Personna answered.

I walked up to the counter, seeing a six foot tall security guard with a pistol.

"Sir, what height are you?" The security guard asked.

I clenched my teeth. "Five foot eleven."

"Your age?"

I shook my head "26, you have my frigin passport with all of my information!"

"I'm sorry sir, but I have to ask you these questions."

I growled "You can go f-"

Personna butted in and lied "He's had a long flight and... his wife just left him."

The security guard nodded and softly said "I'm sorry. Go on through to the next checkpoint."

I snatched my passport out of the guards hands and walked into a massive ball, a staircase extending into the middle of it. I walked to the top of the staircase and stopped. The ball started spinning, sending what looked like dust flying everywhere. A minute later, the green lights came on and I kept walking. I walked into a massive room, a hundred people grabbing luggage. My luggage waited for me on a conveyor belt. I snatched it up and waited for Personna. Two minutes later, he came after me, a hint of anger on his controlled face. He asked "What was that about?"

I shook my head "It's nothing, really."

Personna stepped closer and angrily whispered "You almost swore at a security guard! What's up?"

I took a deep breath and stated "Someone I knew went through a series of questions like that before. The guard asked her to follow him into a room. They did a detailed scan of her for four hours. She had nano machines, combating skin cancer and Reuklyoids bone syndrome. They found the nano machines and  said she was impersonating someone else, modyfing her skin  and changing her facial features. They detained her and left to file their report. A guard waited for the right moment and walked into her room by himself an..." My eyes started to blur. I looked down, took a breath and looked back up again. Personna looked at me with a curious worry. "Who was she?"

"My little sister..."

Personna asked "Didn't they check her health records?"

"They did, but someone high up got them to kept it quiet, saying that that is how those spies sneak through. Moral was already low in the information sector and they needed to make it look like they had caught someone. She wasn't the only one, they did it to hundreds of people with the right set of diseases.

Personna looked around uncomfortably and snatched his suitcase of a conveyor belt. He said "I got a car waiting."

I nodded and walked out of the airport and to the car. The door unlocked and I sat inside. Personna keyed the ignition and asked "If I may... what was she charged with?"

I sighed "Being a spy for the UACU. The UACU didn't accept her back into their country, so... they kept her...I found out only a few years ago... they tortured her to de-..."

Personna sighed and said "Okay... uh, we're going to a hotel I booked. I'll tell you everything about what we're doing when we get there."

I growled "Let's get this done."

The End

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