Red Rover Send Personna on OverMature

Personna looked into the garbage for the thirteenth time. He was feeling more paranoid than normal. The shattered remains of his favorite tea cup still lay there. He had owned that cup since his parents had died early on in his life. “Damn it Wasp” He muttered to himself. She was always finding ways to mess with him. He had however, still gotten her safely on a plane and on her way back to Egypt.

                He scanned the screens again. Nothing new, the rebels in the Middle Eastern embassy were still holding out. “Surprising” he murmured. Pheonix had been back for a while now. The information he had uncovered was disturbing. The UACU wouldn’t just roll over and become a pawn to the UN. It literally meant World War 3 if the UN managed what it set out to do.

                That wasn’t what was bugging him the most though. The message he had received from the embassy pointed at something that could be far worse than the unification against the Americas. He started tapping characters onto a screen and within seconds two seats were booked for a plane to the Middle East.

                Reaching into his pocket he pulled out his mobile platform and began sifting through contacts. The names were sliding quickly down the display until he stopped it on ‘Damien Rove’. He hit the call button.

                The devices connected “Damien, it’s your good buddy Personna.”

                A voice ravaged by cigarettes responded “Hey, whaddya want?”

                “Are you still working that job in South America?”

                “Aw hell, you know as well as I do that turned into a bloodbath. We got the hell out of there.”

                “Well I may have a job for you if you’re interested in a little sneak work.”

                A pause, but after a few seconds “I thought that’s what your little group was best at? Why would you need a group of mercs?”

                “We can handle the sneaking, I just need you for a distraction.”

                Another pause. “What kind of distraction work are we talking about here?”

                “You know that quaint little UN embassy that was taken by loyalists a few days ago? I’m going to need you to help them out a bit. Remember Brussels?”

                “Sounds doable, that’s going to cost ya though.”

                “I have it covered, once you rescue the resisters I can do a direct hack into the systems there and pull a sizable chunk of money from that embassy. Trust me, you will be able to retire early if you want.”

                “Where is this operation starting?”

                “We will meet up outside Kuwait city at 1900 hours tomorrow.”

                “You got yourself a deal, always a pleasure Personna. Rove’s Hounds will be there.”

                “Thanks Damien.”

                The connection severed. Personna began to pack up some equipment that would be crucial for a field op of this size. A quick check of the perimeter cameras and he headed towards Phoenix’s living quarters.

                “Phoenix we’re leaving for Kuwait city in two hours. Get packed.”

                “What? I’m trying to follow up on that lead from earlier. Give me five minutes. I do have an informant in that part of the world. She might be able to shine some more light on what’s exactly going on with the UN.”

                “Good, the more we know the better. I’ll leave Wasp a message that we left.”

                “What exactly are we doing?”

                “A mixture of military ops and some industrial espionage.”

                “She’s not going to like being left out on this one.”

                “I know.” A rare smile began to materialize on Personna’s face as he left the room.  

                Personna put a kettle on the stove and resumed packing. Within the hour they were at the airport. Security had been tightened up to an almost unbearable level in the past years. Nanite searches had become common practice. However Personna had a few gadgets that effectively masked all of the goodies he was smuggling into the airport. Also the diversionary virus he had uploaded onto the security servers hadn’t hurt.

                About an hour later boarding had begun for flight 30294-23a for Kuwait. 

The End

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