Wasp: EscapeMature

"20:09, no movement inside the office," I said to the tape recorder. I was lying on the green terrace of the skyscraper just across a governmental building, particularly that of the Mayor. He moved his office, but I managed to get the office location. I took my binoculars and zoomed into the mayor's office, the lights were on but there was no one in there. The lively city of Hong Kong was bustling with life, lights from the cars and neon signs below me were starting to get to my nerves.

"20:12, still no movement." I said into to my tape recorder. My head was slightly dizzy from the plane, I landed in Hong Kong no more than an hour ago before setting my mini-surveillance equipment, which consisted of a tape recorder and a binocular. Personna would have been really jealous, I thought sarcastically.

I was spying on Mayor Erasmus Vega, a man in its mid-forties, with graying strands of hair. He was a medium built man with a goatee and emerald green eyes. He had been a public figure, approving of transparency of governmental affairs. What a hypocrite. He was everything but honest. We, "The Undergrounds", have been trying to undermine him and expose whatever he was hiding. With the appearance of the man with the suit, "ghost", our suspicions grow and our ambition to get him increased. He knew of us, which made us the more suspicious, we had to be careful.

Phoenix had great instincts, he told me to keep an eye on the mayor, I trust him. Something was going to happen tonight, and I had to be alert at all times. Movement in the office, I was keen on the subjects filing in one by one. There was Vega, two bodyguards, and ghost. One bodyguard stood on the entrance door and the other was looking out of the window. I lowered my head a little, leaving only my eyes above; he could not see me, it was too dark and the angle of elevation was too high for his line of sight.

I took my earpiece out and plugged it to my ears, I pressed some buttons in my wristwatch.

"Hey Wasp, watch up?" Personna's voice appeared. "I was making tea, care to join me?"

"Sorry Personna, I am miles away," I answered, which was actually true. "Is Phoenix there? I am in Hong Kong and I see ghost with our enchanting mayor."

"You what?!" Personna blurted, I heard a teacup breaking in his side of the line. Apparently he spilled his tea, and  broke his china. I smiled pleasantly. "Okay, he is not here. What is going on?"

"I am not sure, they are talking. I am too far away to distinguish sounds, and I cannot lip read," I answered begrudgingly. "They doubled the security," I half lied. He used to have one bodyguard, now he had two.

"Okay, are you going in or what?"

"I will be on hold until something happens," I replied, "stay on please. If something goes wrong you will be the first to know." I cut the communication. "20:24 movement in the office, four subjects, two of which are our main targets." I said into the recorder. I noticed something going on that caught my attention, I recited into the recorder, "20:35, something funny is happening. Vega has pull an envelope out of his drawer, emblazoned on its front cover the acronyms of the UN. He proceeds to open it and shows some papers to ghost. Ghost is pleased, he smiles and nods. It looks like a big file, Vega stores it back in the cabinet and locks it, much to my dislike. Every time I break into another criminal's belongings I feel like a double criminal, stealing from another criminal." Great, I thought, I am having conversations with myself.

"They are going out of the office," I spoke into the recorder, "Okay, I am going in for those files." I pocketed the recorder on my hiker vest, still recording. The office darkened. I stored the binoculars in my waist bag, I stand on the edge of the building. I aim my wristwatch to an antenna in the governmental building, shooting a cord out of my multifunctional wristwatch. I flung myself into the space, the cord coiled itself inside the watch, I landed perfectly on the building. With the cord still on the antenna I let myself down.

Upon reaching the window of Vega's office, I take out my laser ballpoint pen. The laser cut through glass silently, I drew a circle wide enough to let me in. After removing the glass carefully I enter the office and approach the cabinet. I use a metal clip Phoenix gave me the moment I joined the cause, it was very useful to open any kind of lock. I inserted the clip and toyed with it, until suddenly I heard a click. The drawer was opened, I pull it and thumbed through the files until I found the one with UN on it. I took it and was on my way out, when my eyes caught some other files in a desk. I took a peek, those files had our code names on it! 

I hastily moved toward the desk and took them all. The doors burst open, two bodyguards standing there with their automatic weapons pointing at me. I ran for the opening, taking care they had not seen my face. I jumped through the window, their bullets shattering the glass. I was falling into the lights from the street, which appear bigger every second. I shot the cord, aiming at a flagpole protruding from a nearby hotel, and swung myself to land safely on the ground.

I ran to where I parked my car. Worst thing of huge metropolis, all the streets look alike. The lights from the cars blind you and I don't remember where is my car! I thought in desperation, turning my head everywhere to spot my black rental car. Finally I spot it, I clambered into it. I start the engine and pull away at full speed, charging into the main streets.

I pressed buttons on my watch, my heart beat accelerating, "Personna! Get me a flight at the Hong Kong International Airport, destination: home." I jabbered, "I think I am being followed, I think they saw my face, I need refugee. I need to get home!"

"Woah, easy!" Personna said, typing is heard on his side of the communication. "Done, you have a flight. Everything will be all right, I will notify Phoenix. So did you found anything interesting?"

"Hell yes I did!" I said triumphantly, "you guys are going to be so proud of me." I grinned as I sped through the busy Chinese city.

The End

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