Prologue (What happened in Hong Kong)Mature

I looked at the fireworks dotting the pitch black sky, flashing the skyscrapers and causing the entire city to scream with joy. Crowds lined the street, one thousand feet one hundred feet below me. Literally hundreds of thousands of fireworks were being launched tonight, this New Years night. It would be perfect. Now, we could find out why the mayor had been meeting the Man in the Suit. The info won't be on his computer, it'll be in a safe, which is where Wasp comes in. I turned my surveillance equipment on, T.V. screens showing the inside of the mayors building. I tapped my mic and asked "Wasp... hey, are you ready?"

Wasp answered "Of course I'm ready."

I looked through my binoculars at the mayors office. His buildings way too big, a thousand feet high. The mayor opened his door and left. I asked "Personna, how's that power plant going?"

Personna answered "I've rigged it to only cut power to your cluster of skyscrapers. Ready when you are."

I waited five minutes, making sure the mayor was gone for good. I yelled over the noise of the fireworks"Alright, turn the power of."

The entire building went dark. I yelled "Wasp, you're good to go!"

Wasp nodded five rooftops away, fifty feet above the mayors office with a backpack on. She shouldered a harpoon gun and fired it through the mayors window, the hook embeding in the floor. Glass fell into the office, completely drowned out by the city and the fireworks. Wasp hooked her rope up to a vent by her feet and slid down the rope, fireworks zooming past her. She fell into the mayors office, rolling. She stood up and tossed stuff around the mayors office, looking for the safe. She stopped and stomped on the floor. She took a knife out, cutting apart the carpet.

Wasp calmly said "Found the safe."

Wasp peeled the carpet back, exposing steel. She put a paste down, melting only the steel of the safe. She pushed the liquid steel away and took something out.

Wasp curiously said "I think we've got a hard drive here. I'm not sure."

Personna asked "Could you put the camera up to it?"

I looked at a tv screen to my right. Wasp turned her camera on, showing a plastic ball with ports all over it.

Personna stated "That's a Mark IV LSSD. Grab the mayors laptop, it's the only thing you can use to sync up with it."

Wasp walked to the mayor desk and opened the mayors laptop. It automatically turned on and posted on the screen access denied.

Personna mumbled "You n-"

A firework pre maturely detonated by the window.

Wasp screamed"I can't hear you!"

Personna yelled "You need to point your hologram in front of the laptop with the mayors face."

Wasp stepped back, putting commands into her phone. A hologram popped out of phone, in front of the laptop. The laptop flashed and asked for a password. 

Wasp nervously asked "Okay, what now?!"

Personna answered "Two seconds, I'm sending you a hack. Once you get it, plug it in to the computers USB 15.0 port. Not the 16, the 15."

Wasp furiously yelled "I know the difference!"

Her camera moved to her phone, showing a download progress. The download completed. The camera shifted, blurring the entire room. If finally focused on lines of code running down the laptop. The laptop said welcome.

Wasp yelled "Done, now what?!"

Personna answered "Open the back of his laptop and remove all of the cables. Plug one into the ball every second. When you're done, I'll download all of it's information."

Lights flashed on and I looked at the Mayor office. The entire building was coming back online, unlike the city. I looked through the hacked security cameras, seeing guards patrolling the hallways. A group walked towards the mayors office.

I screamed "We don't have time! Take what we have and go!"

Personna answered "Just a little longer... we're good! Wasp, get out! GO, GO!" Wasp sprinted and jumped out of the building with a squirrel suit. Plastic flaps extended out from her body, allowing her to glide. She fell ten stories before she made it to a skyscraper, smashing through the chosen window. Guards came into the mayors office and jumped, sounding an alert. I pressed an EMP, frying all of my surveillance equipment. I sprinted back to a stairwell behind me. A rope was hooked to the roof. I slammed my gloves on a started sliding down, sweat dripping down my forehead. After five minutes, I gripped the rope hard. I slammed into the ground and rolled, painfully standing up. I ran through and emergency exit, making it outside. Wasp was waiting with her car. I jumped in the car, slamming the door. Wasp floored it, speeding of through the city. 

Personna laughed over the com "We have some info. Apparently the UN is behind this, they're tying to get every country in the world to become one."

I bit my lip and asked "Any idea why?"

Personna responded "No, sorry. There was only a megabit of information on that hardrive. Microscopic, really. At least we found something."

Wasp laughed "How fast can he read?!"

Personna replied "They had me clocked in at college at 28 words per second, maintaining a post secondary reading comprehension."

I shifted in seat and said "Alright, I'm going to see if I can find out anything about this."

The car stopped and I opened the door, walking out. I yelled over the noise "I'm heading of to Egypt!" Wasp sped of in her car. 

Personna stated "I'm still in Egypt right now with your files in the safest place in the world."

"Personna, the place is  a warehouse" said Wasp.

Personna fired back "The safest place is the one no one knows about."

 "Meet me at the airport, we're going to talk to some of my informants" I mumbled.

Personna yelled"Hey, I didn't catch that, speak up!"


The End

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