Egyptian Dance (Phoenix by:DyerzMature

I had landed in Egypt an hour ago, there's nothing like being greeted by a storm of sand. I was impressed that the pilot could see the runway. After I got out of the plane, I found my rental car and drove of to our meeting place. 

Egypt is where our hideout is based. It seemed like a weird idea, but Personna had assured me it was the best place to hide. It turned out that Personna really knew his stuff.

I looked up to the war torn pyramid. Broken planes, shell casings and guns could be found all over the pyramid. It's all guarded by the Egyptian authorities, as a memorial for the Eastern war. None of  it will ever be restored. 

To my left, a road filled with protestors, yelling about the continuing threat of the United American Communist Union. It looked like they were ambushing an officials limo. People are still scared of a bankrupt rock in the west that can't even support a war anymore. Not that anyone really can anymore. I rocked my chair back and sipped my iced tea as Personna walked to my table. I laughed "Well, it didn't really go as planned."

Personna smiled and sat at my table. He asked "how's the restaurant?"

Wasp answered "don't get the ice tea, it's disgusting."

Wasp came out of nowhere and sat at the table. She snapped her fingers, summoning a waitress to the table. She asked "Personna, what do you want to drink?"

Personna answered "I'll have some Root Beer."

The waitress shrugged "We don't have root beer. We have some nice iced tea, though."

Personna asked "Could I have some Ice Tea, then?"

Wasp fumed "Didn't you hear me? It's disgusting."

The waitress whined "Hey, it's imported from the state of Canada and my Grandma puts actual tea in it."

I mumbled "Just order so we c-"

Personna argued "Just because a communist shed his tears making it doesn't mean it's good."

Wasp answered "He does have a point."

I sat up, gritting my teeth and stated "He'll have a pop, she'll have water."

Wasp poked the waitress as she was about to leave and said "I'll have a cold Jara pop."

The waitress nodded and walked away. I looked at Personna and asked "Do we have any other leads?"

Personna shook his head. "Nada... I sent of a few of the pictures from South Africa. All up-close shots of the man in the suit. Who knows, maybe I'll find something."

Wasp laughed "I thought you two were geniuses."

Me and Personna blankly stared at Wasp. She shifted uncomfortably in her chair. A waiter put our drinks on the table. Our eyes shifted to the drinks.  I sighed and stated "Alright, seeing as we have nothing, we'll all split of and try to find something. Wasp, spy on our mayor in Hong Kong, see if he's met the man in the suit again."

Wasp tapped the table and asked "are we going to actually call him something other then the man in the suit?"

Personna put his hand on his head, scratching his hair. He answered "How about ghost?"

I smiled "Sure... I like that."

I stood up, tossing money on the table. I stated "Alright, Wasp if you get into trouble, you get some armed assistance at the Egyptian Dance Club in lower Hong Kong. Then, run back to this restaurant. We'll be here to take you into hiding, I'll show you the hiding spot later."

Wasp frowned "Don't worry, they could never catch me."

The End

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