In 2123, a group consisting of hackers and freerunners called "The Underground" investigates what the media, bought out by large corporations, doesn't. The Underground has heard whispers of massive goverment meetings happening around the world. All with a man in the suit with no name and no face. The group decides to investigate what's going on.

"Phoenix, you see anything?"

"Na, it's all quiet. You think that the informant tipped them of?"

"If he did you wouldn't still be talking to me."

"Unless they're tracing your signal."

"Impossible, I'm bouncing this of the net. They'd have to track me across twenty three servers in every continent to find me. Not to mention the satellite we jacked. Give them a day and they could do it."

"Still... I'll hold for another hour, see if I can find anything."

I grabbed my camera, looking into the distance. Soldiers walked, patrolling a twelve kilometre perimeter.

I tapped my ear, activating a com. 

"Personna, how's Wasp doing?"

"A little tired from the climb, but she's ready."

A sound filled the air. I looked around, seeing only trees and dust. I rolled over, looking behind. 

"Personna, I hear something, I just don't know what it is."

Wasp whispered "Well, it can't be a helicopter then."

 A troop transport zoomed above me, kicking up dust ten feet above the ground; jet engines scorching the earth. My ears rang and dust clouded the air. 

"Phoenix, you there? Come on man, don't l-"

"Yeah." I coughed as the dust began to settle back down to the earth in the windless air.

"It was a troop transport I think. Only thing that could kick up that much dust."

Wasp stated "If it was close, they were probably protecting someone on board. Take another look."

I crouched and walked forty feet to the right, behind a tree where the dust wasn't kicked up. I zoomed in with my camera, seeing a troop transport moving in the distance, kicking up dust. It landed eight kilometres away, right by ten soldiers and a limo. A hatch opened and  a man in a suit walked out. The limo door opened and the president of South Africa walked out.

"Personna, you getting this?"

"Sound no, video yes. I think they've got a jammer."

"I thought you coul-"

"Welcome to South Africa. Their anti-surveillance technologies are some of the best in the world. Wasp, you getting this?"

Wasp responded "Right, I'm lining up the target now. Two minutes till the mic launches."

The man in the suit walked up to the president and shook his hand. The man handed the president a folder. The president nodded and opened it. I zoomed in on the folder, taking advantage of my cameras 8900 by 14000 resolution. The folder had names on it.

Wasp asked "is that my name on the folder?"

Personna mumbled "aren't you su-"

"The mic launched. Why is my name on the folder?"

I answered "maybe they got a little suspicious after Hong Kong."

Wasp mumbled "I thought our hack was solid. They shouldn't have been able to tell who cut of the city's power. We got out of the mayors office pretty fast too. No one could have seen us."

The man walked back into the troop transport. It spun into the air and took of.

I groaned "did we get any audio Wasp?"

"No, I wasn't fast enough."

"Alright, we'll try this again latter. Personna, me and Wasp are heading back to Egypt."

"Alright, just watch your backs... they only have our code names, but that means they've listened to our com chatter before."



The End

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