I started awake to the sound of a wolf howling. It was far to close for comfort. I looked around and began to close all the doors before I realized that I didn’t know where Mary and Toby were.

“Mary!” I screamed. “Toby!”

The wolves were getting closer, I could hear them. WHERE WERE MY SIBLINGS! If they died because I had fallen asleep I would never forgive myself. I heard a scream from just outside the yard and ran toward it. The wolves were practically on top of us now. Mary and Toby came running in to the yard screaming.

I slammed the gate closed behind them just in time to block the first wolf from pouncing on them. But more and more wolves piled against the door and soon my grip slipped and the wolves gained entry to the yard. “GET IN THE HOUSE!” I screamed at Mary. She stared at me with round eyes and then turned and led Toby quickly into the house. I fended off the wolves with my telekinesis as I grabbed an aluminum pipe that was hanging loose from a decrepit part of the wall. I quickly backed off to the door as one of the wolves managed to break past my defenses and charge me. I slammed my bar into its head as it came at me. With a loud squeal it backed off licking at its bleeding muzzle. Soon several more wolves charged me. My concentration was slipping, I had to get inside. I turned and ran for the door. I was only a foot from the door when I felt teeth sink into my leg. I screamed and lashed out with my bar again. The wolf did not let go however, it began to drag me back toward the gate. I twisted around to get a better angle and brought my bar down across it’s chest as hard as I could.

There was a loud crack, and the wolf’s grip loosened. I tore my foot out of its mouth and charged for the door again. One wolf had already gotten in and was growling at my brother and sister who were huddled in a corner. I hollered at the wolf angrily before charging and dealing a heavy blow to the unfortunate wolf’s head. The poor thing was probably just hungry, but my family was not going to be on the menu…ever. I hit it again and it ran out of the building. I managed to slam the door shut just in time to prevent any more wolves in. I quickly locked it then threw the bolt on the door to hold it firmly shut.

I turned slowly to face Mary. My face was white and my hands were still shaking. “What were you doing outside!” I demanded angrily. “You could have been killed!

Mary didn’t answer. I realized she was just as scared, if not more so, as I was. I sighed heavily and held my arms open. Both Mary and Toby rushed in and I embraced both of them together. “Don’t you two ever do that to me ever again do you understand?”

They both nodded.

“Good,” I responded, letting them go. I limped over to the bathroom and opened the mirror cabinet. It was empty. Eventually I was forced to rip off part of my already-mangled jeans leg and use that to bind my leg. At least everyone was safe…the wolves were already beginning to leave and search for food elsewhere. 

The End

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