A teenage boy. An abusive family. When Jacob finally got fed up with his parents' abuse he left his little sister decided she was going to follow him, and take their five-year-old brother with her. How did she find Jacob? Well, everyone in Bota has a power of some sort, and the better the power is, the more political power they wield. Jacob's sister, Mary, can track anybody anywhere. Now Jacob is stuck taking care of his siblings as well as struggling to stay alive. How is he supposed to cope?


I groaned and looked to the roof in askance. I had saved up for forever to get my guitar and amp and now my parents wouldn't let me play it! I groaned frustratedly then safely stowed my guitar. I hurried downstairs and braced myself as mom began her yelling. She always yelled at me when I was around to be yelled at. She would always find something wrong to lecture me on. Today it was about how I should be at work so that I could "provide for my family, and just look at my sister and brother! They need to eat you know! While I am up there playing crap that can't even be called music I am depriving them of food. Who do I think I am anyways that I just take that liberty?" 

I stood there and let her yell at me until she ran out of steam, then I went to the hall, pulled on a threadbare, black coat and headed out to work. I was going to be early, but mom was already drunk and telling her that would only enrage her further. Then she would probably go and wake up her useless boyfriend and have him come "beat some sense into me" because she thought he actually was able to. I never let him...I had telekinesis and so he never was able to lay a hand on me. His stupid ability to make water into bad whiskey that made mom so happy wasn't any use to him in that situation. 

I got to work...early as I had predicted...and it still hadn't opened yet so I ended up waiting for half an hour until the manager arrived and unlocked the place. I could have gotten in myself, but the manager always hated that. So once he had set up shop for the day I took my place as a security guard. It was actually a high-paying job, because my power was actually useful for all kinds of things like stopping anyone dead in their tracks and tearing any weapons right out of their hands before they could use them. The only problem was that mom and her boyfriend took almost everything "for the family" which meant that we got nothing while mom  and her boyfriend got a lot of Jack Daniels every night. 

When my shift was finally over the manager handed me my paycheck and I left. I took $10 of the $60 from my paycheck and pocketed it so that Mary, Toby, and I could have some dinner. I only made one stop on the way home, and that was at the deli to pick up three sandwiches. I was left with about $2 left...and that was what I got to put towards my savings for both getting a better guitar and any repairs that might come up on the one I had. 

As soon as I came in the door I ran up against mom, holding out her hand for my day's earnings. I took the $50 out of my pocket and reluctantly handed them to her. I was hoping she would be so drunk by now that she would have forgotten about me completely...sometimes she was and on those days I got to keep all my earnings. I hid the bag with the sandwiches behind my back as mom tottered off to her room. When she had left I went into the living room where Mary was busy keeping Toby away from mom and her boyfriend. 

"Did you manage to get dinner past mom?" Mary asked, turning her brown, almost unnaturally huge eyes to rest on me. "She wasn't as drunk as normal today." 

I nodded. "Yeah I got it," I smiled and handed her her sandwich. Then I took Toby up onto my lap. "Are you ready to eat Toby?" I asked. Toby nodded vigorously and I grinned. Toby was really smart for only having been around for five years, he could already speak like an adult, but he still acted like your typical five-year-old when it came to just about everything else. 

I handed him his sandwich and he began to chow down happily. When he was done he looked back up at me. "Is there any more?" He asked innocently. 

I smiled and ruffled his long, smooth, ebony hair. "I'm sorry kid, no more today." 

"Don't call me kid!" Toby said with a scowl, which only caused me to grin wider. 

I heard footfalls on the stairs and quickly hid my sandwich under the sofa. "Jacob!" mom's boyfriend slurred drunkenly as he slammed the door open. "Whadjudodamycar?!" He demanded, staring unfocusedly at me. 

"I didn't do anything to your car grandpa," I sneered...I hated him when he was this drunk. 

"Shudup! I know--I know you taken it boy!" he shouted. "WHAJU DO TA MY CAR!" 

"Get out of my face," I said, pushing him aside and going upstairs to play my guitar. When I got up to my room though the guitar wasn't there. "WHERE IS MY GUITAR!" I screamed. I came raging back down the stairs and confronted my mother's boyfriend. "What did you do with it!" I demanded, pushing him up against the wall. 

"What did you do with my car?" He demanded. I turned my face away from the heavy scent of alcohol on his breath. 

"He sold it," Mary cut in, "the tax man came today and he couldn't pay, so he gave them your guitar and his car too, he just refuses to believe it." 

My eyes widened in shock. I had saved up for years to pay the $789 that the guitar alone had cost. It was a high-quality, custom design Dean guitar and I had loved that guitar like nothing else. I took a deep, calming breath and released dad. Then I went upstairs, grabbed my few clothes and what little money I had managed to save since buying the guitar and amp which added up to a grand total of $23.56, and left. I wasn't coming back either. That was the last straw. 

I headed out toward the wasteland of abandoned buildings that was what had replaced all the forests and flat places that had once filled the continent. There was no longer any areas that had not been completely covered over with houses and apartments and office buildings. Most of them were all abandoned now though, so that was where I was headed; there was bound to be some place where I could find good shelter. I could probably even find one with a good greenhouse where I could get good food. So that was where I was going to live now. That was the plan at any rate. 

The End

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