I sat, curled up in a ball, against the corridor windowsill. I didn't even get noticed, people just sort of glanced at me before puffing and flouncing off. 

'Sucks...' I grunted, pulling out my PSP. Maybe some Grand Theft Auto would give me a piece of mind, but I found as I pressed the buttons, it just made me feel a lot more bored than I already was. Which must have been very, very bored.

'What're you doin',loser?' My best friend, Kyle, piped up. Popping up next to me from nowhere. I jumped in surprise, nearly dropping my game console in the process.

Kyle snickered and slid onto the windowsill next to me, 'please go away, Kyle.'

'Now, now. No need to get pompous, just thought I'd tell you, it's official: Jackson Davidson is not the most dense boy in the universe.'

'Who is is successor?' I laughed, pushing back one of my pigtails, grinning.

'A new kid, just joined school at the start of the term, his names Micheal Hendry. The other day, I'm positive he was being serious, he asked me if he had anything on his face because all the girls were staring at him!!'

'Yes. He is now officially the densest boy in the school, maybe the world? Anyway, I've never seen him.'

'Yes you have, dummy. He's in our chemistry class; he's the one who, if he was in a cartoon, would have sparkly teeth? Remember? "Hi, I'm White, White Sparkly", hmmm?' Kyle tried to make me recall. I stared at him blankly, of course I remembered, it's just too amusing to stop making a fool out of Kyle once he gets going. 

'Your an idiot. Now get me past this level!' I grunted, shoving my PSP into his hands. He sniggered at me as he saw I was on a incredibly easy level.

He looked up, then took a double take, 'that's him!'


'White Sparkly!'

'Ohh... wow... he really is sparkly.' I gaped in mock shock, before looking back at Kyle with a expressionless expression.

'No need to be snide, miss mousy.'

I tweaked his nose, 'but, hey, he is... pretty hot. But... he looks...'


'Boring.' I said bluntly, the boy, Micheal, turned to see us both staring hard at him with our heads cocked.

He closed his eyes and smiled, like cartoon's usually do. Kyle and I shuffled back a bit.

'Ahh, my eyes! His dazzling teeth are too bright!' Kyle shielded his eyes from the imaginary orb of light that was supposedly beaming upon our beings.

'Oh my god... They're blinding me!' I did the same, I'm sure he heard us, even though we did it after he turned his back. We fell in lapses of sniggers, until the bell rang, then we had to get up and go endure an hours worth of written chemistry.

The End

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