I pulled on my V-neck cheer shirt, and looked in the mirrior.  My blond hair was pulled in a high ponytail, and my blue bow tied to the pony tail. God did I look hot.

"Jamie!" yelled my Dad. "The game is in forty-five mintunes! Hurry up!" I ran down the loppy stairs, and grabbed my bag.

"Don't wait up Daddy, 'cause after the game the girls and i are going to Milana's to plan Prom. TTYL!" I ran out the door, and opened up my brand new Prosh's door. The leather seats felt hot to this cold fall day.

I drove fast, and not at all safe. When I reached the feild, I saw my girls in one big circle.

"Whats wrong?" I said.

"We're not playing." said a newbie.


"Cuse,  Michale thought we shouldn't. He forfitted."

"What the hell?'' I said. "Isn't that coachs choice?"

"He arggered."

"Hmpp.." I said.

The End

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