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'Alright, that's enough for today. Everyone can go get changed. Since the weather has been really hot this week, practice has been hard in the sun. Take a well earned break guys.' I said as the new captain of the football club. Since I transferred to this school a month ago, I had been promoted to captain, and all the girls seem to look at me wherever I go around school. Do I have something on my face all the time or something? Or maybe it's because I'm soaked in sweat. Eww.

As I took of my shirt, I heard screams from behind the fence, but something else caught my attention. A girl was crying, curled up on the floor behind a wall. She looked very upset, so I climbed over the fence, probably scratching myself on the sharp parts of the wire. Oh well, it'll heal eventually.

'What's wrong?' I said, crouching down beside him.

'My boyfriend dumped me. It's all over. He hates me. I've got nothing to live for. I might as well die.' she mumbled under her tears.

'Don't say that. Theres a lot of people that care about you, other than that jerk of a boyfriend. What about your family? Your friends?' I replied. This dude had obviously hurt her a lot.

'Really?' she replied, looking up at my face. She scanned me, and looked very shocked. 'Wwwhhat about you? Do you care?'

'Sure I do. I'd be sad if anyone died that was in this school.' I smiled. 

'Ttt-thank you!' she responded, blushing while wiping her tears from her face.

'Well, don't give up just because you got hurt once. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Well, I have to get changed now, but I'll catch you later. Cya.' I said, walking towards the changing rooms. 

As I glanced back, it seems like 20 more other people surrounded the girl, and they were all excited, each of them looking back and fourth at her and me. I heard some of them say 'Woah he's hot! Is he the new guy?' and 'Look at his 6 pack! What's his name?' and even 'I heard he's never had a girlfriend and is really straight laced.'...

Well, whatever.  I thought, remembering I have to catch up to Louis, as I still don't know where chemistry is.

The End

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