Louis NickellsMature

I unlocked the door and walked in, dropping my bag by the stairs. I wandered into the kitchen and lounge, but it looked like I was alone. My mood immediatly lightened. I got a packet of salt & vinigar crisps and ran up the stairs, two at a time. In my room, I opened my window and grabbed my iPod from my desk. Then I clambered out of the window and shuffled to the edge of the roof. My bedroom was the converted attic so I was on the top floor, with an amazing view. This was my favourite place in the world.

With my legs dangling over the edge, I plugged in my iPod(Black Cat - Mayday Parade) and opened the crisps. I looked out on the horizon, to the foggy forest in the distance. The sun was setting, casting yellow and pink rays across the sky, in comparison to the silhouettes of television arials and rooftops. I glanced down and saw a figure walking along the street, in fact she was almost running. I squinted against the semi-darkness, and saw the thick rimmed glasses and, vaguely, the mousy hair I recognized. She was that girl from school, what was her name? Oh yeah, Dylila.

She was the one who was really studious and really intelligent. She always spends her time in the library, and often gets bullied and teased by the popular girl... Jamie, I think she's called. I feel sorry for her, but, to be honest, she's brought it on herself. If Dylila wasn't so... I don't want to say geeky, but it's the only word I can think of. Really, though? I'm not interested in anyone.

The End

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