I stood on the roof. Screw you, I thought. Anna whatever her last name was, said I had a freckien eating disorder!

I pulled out my awesome, pink I PHONE four, and sent a text to Marie.


I thought back to the divorce court. Mom with her gaggle of Lawyers, Daddy with his. I sat beside the judge dude, and answered his questions.

“What did your Daddy do again?” he said.

“Pushed my Mother.” I said. I was eleven, and had been bribed by Mom with a new I pod if I made him seem like the bad guy. “ But, Mother had bite him, and PUSHED him down the stairs.” I said calmly. The judge nodded. He looked at my mother with distaste.

“I grant custody, of Jamie Lyn Johnson to her father. Mrs. Johnson is allowed to see her once a month, while supervised. Thank you, good day.” The gabble dropped, and we where out.

I thought about, No I really hadn’t done anything wrong, but still, I felt bad.

I walked into my room, and logged on to Facebook. 22 friend requests, almost all middle scholars, thinking it would be cool to be my friend. All but one. Some kid named Michael. He said he was in my grade AND my homeroom, and chem. class, and like three others. Hm..I never heard of the Michael person. I clicked accept, and talked to middle scholars.

I wrote, she quickly said I know, Jam, I know! But, did you here? She’s trying out for cheerleading! You can SO embrace her! I laughed, hell yea, I could! I could make any body do anything, even that Louis kid. God he was hot, and I loved him. He was like the me of boys. Only, I don’t think he’d go for me. I mean come on, I’m tall blonde, and he’s just HOT!!!!!!!!!

The End

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