Roses are Red, Violets are Blue...Mature

I sat on the edge of my bed, shaking a little... This really was going to happen. It was so very real and I was too far in to escape, I was finally going to do it...

I'd chosen my GCSE subjects, I sighed and flopped back on my bed. I guess everyone has to do it, right? I mean, everyone has to take these exams, right? But I felt it was far, far to early.

'But your a complete genius!' My friends had laughed at me, snickering at my foolish nerves. Of course, I knew I was intelligent. I was one of the most studious girls in our year, and that, obviously, put me in the loser pile when it comes to getting a boyfriend.

I sighed again and turned over, clutching onto the paper in my hands.

'Dylila, your dinner is ready.' My mothers voice boomed up from the bottom of the stairs, as I jumped off my bed, discarding the worrying paper from my sweaty palms, I caught a distinct waft of Yorkshire puddings. I licked my lips and hopped down the stairs two at a time.

 I pushed my glasses further up my nose as I entered the dining room, I glanced at my younger sister, who was clutching her phone, texting like the world was going to end tomorrow.

'You should put your mobile down when your at the table.' I said pointedly, looking down on the short girl.

'And you should go study before you fail all your tests.' She grunted, sparing me a pitying look. Libby, my sister, was one of those girls who was just... it.

Whereas I was one of those girls who just didn't have "it". A studious, mousy-haired girl like me was never going to get far  in the popularity zone, no way, as much as I excelled in school work, I'd never be the best at looking good.

'Libby, Dylila, play nice.' My father sighed from his arm chair which he had just sank into, flapping his newspaper open, looking at the pair of us sternly. I nodded and Libby just giggled at her phone.

'Don't sit there grinning to yourself, Libbs, people'll think your insane.' I snickered, grabbing my knife and fork as mum put my plate in front of me.

'You look insane.' Was her lame come back, I laughed even more at my naive sister.

'Libby... Darren Jones is at the door, shall I get it?' I said, looking at her. Libby's head snapped up and she shook her head violently, glaring at me.

'Don't you dare go near the door looking like that!' She snarled, scooting her chair back, heading for the front door.

'Libby! What about your tea--'


'Honestly, you and your sister are nothing alike.' Mum sighed, walking back into the kitchen with Lily's plate in hand.

Yeah, nothing alike. Even though she was younger than me, I envied her beauty and popularity with a firey passion. I wish, just wish that I could be like her sometimes...


The End

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