Milo: RuggedMature

I caught sight of a woman walking away from the hell that was the construction site and remembered that my club wasn't the be all and end all. Arguably it was my world but nobody else seemed to really care that much. I couldn't really blame them since it was just another hole in the ground where people could forget their troubles and there were more than enough of them around.

"They reckon another week or so." Bob said, appearing at my shoulder. I nodded sagely. He walked away.

"Do you need me around?" I yelled after him. He shook his head to me so I smiled and left. It wasn't especially that I had anywhere better to be but I just wanted to get away. There were other places that I needed to be.

My phone buzzed in my pocket. I picked it up and checked the message. "Don't be late. X"

I sighed to myself before starting the short journey. She had insisted that I walk so I did. I was glad that I knew where I was going - it meant that I didn't get any angry calls about being late.

I could see my destination in the distance and smiled, knowing what was to come. I felt a couple of tears start to trickle down my face so I blinked quickly and wiped them away casually. I came to a stop at the door and placed my hand on the handle. I took a deep breath. I wanted to take another but there was someone standing behind me. "Sorry." I mumbled as I opened the door and let her in.

Oh. I pretended not to have seen her and tried to slyly slip past her but it didn't work. "Hello Milo. Long time no see."

She didn't look at me as she spoke. She simply stood in front of me, still. "Let's not do this." I muttered and pushed past her.

"Please." she whimpered. I swivelled quickly and let my sharp tongue out.

"You left me. You abandoned me. You lost your chance." I took a deep breath and tried not to cry.

"Milo." she whispered. "Don't be like this."

I went walking and was out of earshot. I wiped the tear away and took a long breath. I put a smile on my face and turned the corner.

She was sat, looking alone. I dropped down beside her and clasped her hand. "I'm not too late am I?"

She shook her head and grinned. "Course not. I love you Milo." She gently kissed me on the cheek.

"And I love you too Kelly." I saw Sophia enter the waiting room and look straight at me. I ignored her gaze and kissed Kelly passionately. She leaned into me for support, smiling up at me.

I cast my mind back to the moment  when I met Kelly. My Kelly.

It had been a couple of years ago, before I had started work on the club. She had been young and naïve, just like me. We both made lots of mistakes in the time we knew each other but we saw past that. We were in love - that childish sort of love that teenagers think they're in where it's all wonderful and marvellous and perfect. But that might have been down to the drink.

We had agreed to get sober together - start a new life with our pasts well and truly behind us. The only problem was that I failed; I went out one night and got drunk. She didn't mind - she had been drinking secretly from the start.

She had left me for another man - a richer man with better connections. For a while after I considered becoming the next Gatsby, or maybe even Fitzgerald, just to impress her but I moved on and my club came first.

I forgot about Kelly until I bumped into her one day and it all fell back into place. More or less.

We both stood up when her name was called out, her hand securely in mine. We walked into the office and the man said the words we were both happy to hear.

"It is with great pleasure," her doctor said with a grin on his aging face. "That I can tell you that Kelly, you are indeed pregnant."

The End

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