Sophia: DiscretionMature

3 months later…

The crisp autumn leaves littered the city streets and a chill filled the air with winter looming around the corner, ready to creep up on us any day now. Business had been busy and my nights had been full and prosperous. The changing of the seasons had made a change in me causing me to suddenly decide to up sticks and move out of my tiny little apartment above the chip shop and into a town house on the other side of the city.

Mother, of course, had been ecstatic when she’d heard the news and approved entirely on the location, size and appropriateness of it all. I also felt better for the move as it meant that I was away from everything that had happened in the passing months. My flat above the chip shop was too close to everything that reminded me of what I had lost… who I had lost.

I cleared my mind, refusing to let his name to tear at my memories, and continued on along the pavement; coffee in hand and scarf wrapped tightly in a bundle around my neck. I blended in well with my surroundings, dressed as a normal passerby in the city, with no one ever considering what my profession actually consisted of.

Leticia had been keeping me busy over the last few months with constant bookings coming in from left, right and centre day in and day out. She had hinted that it was because I was very popular amongst the punters and that I always lived up to word of mouth, but I wasn’t stupid and saw straight through her lies. I knew her real motives for keeping me busy: she didn’t want me to find time to be with him.

That day… the day I was supposed to meet him, when I knew perfectly well that I wouldn’t be turning up, had been the worst day I’d lived to this day. I could have just stayed at home, balling my eyes out into a carton of ice cream as my only means of comfort, but no… instead I was with a client. As my client did as he pleased with me, my mind had been elsewhere. I pictured the look on his face as he waited in that side street as his heart broke bit by bit at each passing minute I wasn’t there. I’d hated myself for the pain I’d caused him but I knew that it would be for the best. It would never have worked out for us, even if Leticia had never stuck her nose in, it was inevitable.

My heels clacked across the tarmac in a steady beat as I wandered the streets, not quite knowing where I was headed. I recognised the buildings and individual little shops as I passed them and told myself not to take the next left. My feet ignored my wishes and turned a sharp left onto Boxer Street. The street looked just as I’d remembered it, not much had changed. The only exception was for the night club that had been lit up in flames months ago.

It was under repair and, by the looks of it, near to completion. Builders busied themselves in the reconstruction of the building and work was well under way. I stood a short distance away from the construction site and watched on in silence. Many memories filled my head as I admired the details of this particular place and I cursed myself for making the turn onto this particular street.

Just then, as if out of nowhere, he was within my eye site chatting away to one of the builders. I couldn’t be sure if it was even him to begin with, he’d changed a fair some. Stubble graced his gorgeous jaw and cheeks, his hair was less styled and his general appearance was a little more haggard than I’d remembered. He looked as though he’d not been looking after himself quite so well and could really do with having a nice long bath and sleep. He’d obviously been keeping himself busy with the reconstruction of his beloved bar… or at least trying to keep his mind off other things.

I gasped a breath as his he turned away from the builder and he looked in my direction. I turned away quickly and returned the way I’d come. I couldn’t let him see me, not for one second. I couldn’t even force myself to look back in fear that his gaze would be locked onto me or, worse, he would be following me. I couldn’t break his heart again, I just couldn’t. I should never have gone there. Because the truth was… I still loved Milo.

The End

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