Milo: DesperationMature

It had been about an hour since I had spoken to Sophia. It hadn't taken me long to realise that she was busy and that I should call back later so I left her to her appointment.

I had checked into a hotel for the foreseeable future and found myself sat on the bed, a large drink in my hand. It had been one hell of an evening and I definitely needed it. I sighed into the glass, wishing I could have someone there by my side - anyone; a friend, colleague or even my crappy family. I had nobody though.

I reached for the remote and flicked the television on. It was too early for anything decent to be on and the news channel was just replaying some feature about birds on the coast. I downed my drink and placed the glass on the desk.

I fell back onto the bed. I was exhausted. I started to fall asleep but it didn't take hold; there was too much energy left in me for that. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I smiled, knowing that I've looked worse.

I moved into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face. I considered showering but didn't think it would do me any good. Not yet anyhow.

I left the room soon after and found myself in a posh elevator, descending to the bottom floor. I looked across at the only other occupant - an elderly man dressed up in a rather fancy suit. He looked at me and didn't return my smile - instead he nodded like a professional but I wasn't quite sure what in.

"Business or pleasure?" he asked softly.

"I'd say necessity." I replied with a smile. My comment was greeted with a deep-throated chuckle.

"That's what they all say." At last he smiled as the doors opened out onto the lavish reception. I ignored everything that was around me since my mind was playing over the man's remark. What had he meant by that? I let it drop as I walked out into the cold night air.

I decided to go for a walk to calm myself and to get some fresh air. I had considered dropping into a bar or two for a drink but had decided against it. I watched the other people roaming the streets and found a smile growing on my face. I shook it off - it had no place being there.

I was a little surprised to find myself standing outside the wreck of the Voyager since I had told my feet to go in a completely different direction. I was even more surprised to find someone else standing there.

"I'm sorry." she whispered as she approached me.

"What for?" I asked quietly.

"I just am." she replied, pulling me into a hug. "How's Mo?"

I sobbed and hated myself for it. "Gone." I mumbled.

"What?" Beth asked, dragging me closer.

"Complications at the hospital. Her heart gave out." I could feel tears dribbling down my face. "She's dead and it's my fault."

The End

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