Sophia: TrustMature

As I watched the ambulance drive away into the distance, I brushed away the stray tear drop that had escaped down my cheek. I would not let him make me cry; I refused. Milo obviously still had issues he needed to resolve concerning his previous relationship with Mo and all I could do was sit on the sidelines and wait. However, I'm a very impatient person and decided that I wouldn't just sit around and hope for the best.

Of course, I hoped there could be a future between us - although it was almost completely impossible with my job - and the fact that he still harboured feelings for Mo made me nervous. I'd never felt like this before and it scared me. This is why romance shouldn't be mixed in with my line of work; it never comes out the way you'd like.

Mesmerised by the dying amber flames, I continued to watch all of Milo hard work come to nothing. The outside of the concrete building was black and dark clouds of smoke filled the city streets, tinting the air to make it smell like burnt toast on a much larger scale.

"I'm sorry, miss, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave now," a firefighter told me, interrupting my thoughts and bringing me back to the real world, "we've got to get the guys in to find out the cause of the accident."

"Oh, right," I answered, "do you have any idea what it could be at this moment in time?"

"From what the boys have found, it seems likely that it started in one of the rooms to the rear of the building; an office of some kind, perhaps. Chances are that a cigarette's not been put out properly, or something along those lines. We can't be sure until an all clears been confirmed and we can have a better look."

"I see. Thank you." I smiled in response and turned away from the destroyed night club and headed in the direction of my flat. Milo would be livid with whoever it was who had started the fire, accident or not, and it would destroy him that all that he'd once had to his name had been destroyed.

I wanted to help him, I really did, but I had no idea whether I could really trust him anymore. He'd gone to his ex lover over me...of coursehe had! He had history with her and we barely even had apresent, let alone a future. Though, thinking about it, if it had been someone I had loved and still cared about, even on a friendship level, I would have left Milo to be by there side. God forbid it, if it had been Lucy I would have gone like a shot without a second glance back in his direction. If anything like that was to happen to Lucy... oh, God, I don't know what I'd do.

It was only then that it came to my attention that it had been Lucy that had given Milo the heads up about Roxy in the first place... Milo had met with Lucy before me...he hadbookedmy baby sister! The thought of her stripping infront of him for his own pleasure made me sick. I know that what I did for a living was worse, but she was younger than me and I knew how crude some people could be. Milo, though unlike most of the men I'd ever encountered, had actuallypaidfor a stripper beforethenhiring a prostitute.Did I really know this person!?

As I approached the street front door, that lead upto my flat, I cursed myself for ever going to that night club and meeting Milo. The trust I'd once had for him had disappeared and I felt stupid for ever thinking that anything positive could have come out of this whole mess. I needed to sort my life out and get more work under my belt; a phonecall to Leticia was definately in order.

The End

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