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Milo had really hit it out of the ball park when he'd surprised me with our private birds eye viewing of the city. I loved the city and to be able to see it from that perspective had been absolutely wonderful. However, Milo assumed that my only apartment was the one I'd brought him to earlier in the evening. I'm sure if I'd taken him back to Roxy's apartment he might have changed his plan on how to wow me, being that Roxy's clients arrived at a penthouse apartment with breath taking views of the city centre and the coast, not too far away, in the horizon.

As we walked along the city streets, the skies just beginning to glow a subtle pink and headed for darkness, I took hold of Milo's hand, entwining our fingers, and swung them gently and freely as we passed the sleepy shop windows and their owners, retiring for the evening.

"I've had a really nice night tonight," I told him, leaning my head against his shoulder, "thank you."

"No problem," he answered, wrapping his arm across my shoulders, still holding my hand, and pulling me close into his chest. He was warm and smelled good. I inhaled his scent and was reminded of collecting pine cones, as a kid, with Lucy and our father when we'd go to the log cabin for long weekends in the woods. I missed times like that... memories like that. I'd shied away taking part in any family activities or trips away pretty much as soon as I was taken on at the agency. I was always too busy and neglected to even attempt to free up my schedule; work was far more important to me at the time.

I shrugged off my sudden regret for missing out on childhood memories with my family and focused on the present and my possible future with Milo. Although we barely knew each other, there was something inside that let me know that he was definately a keeper. I'd never felt like this about anyone before and, dare I say it, I was sure that he was possibly 'the one'; an expression I'd never dreamed I'd ever consider to describe someone.

"Did you want to come back to my place?" I blurted out, surprising myself just as much as it surprised Milo. Normally, I would never had asked someone something like that - especially on a first date - but, considering the way I felt about him, I felt that Milo was an exception.

"Umm, are you sure?" he asked, slowly his pace slightly and looking down into my eyes with concern, "because I don't want you rushing into anything too soon and regretting it afterwards."

"What makes you think anything is going to happen?" I asked him in mock shock. The expression on his face made me laugh instantly as the fear that he'd offended me spread across him face. I giggled, lightly patting his chest. His fears cleared away and he smiled foolishly back at me in response, kissing me on the forehead and returning to his previous pace.

"Sure, why not," he answered, squeezing my shoulder, "a night cap never hurt anybody." Our carefree pace soon quickened as we rounded the corner, onto Boxer Street, and saw fire enguines, ambulances, police cars and angry amber and crimson flames licking the concrete shell of the outside of the Voyager.

Milo left my side in a flash, racing to the police tape that cast a barrier between the street and the club. I caught up with him just as he was arguing with a police officer demanding that he know exactly what had happened and that he was the owner.

"Sir, please calm down." the police officer urged Milo, "we're doing our best to try and deel with the situation in hand and make sure that everyone is out of the building-"

"There are people stillin there!?" Milo yelled, focusing his attention on the open doors and the smoke pouring out of the building. I clutched to his side and watched on. We both sprung to full awareness when a firefighter carried a young blonde girl out in his arms. Her head hang backwards and her arms fell limp towards the ground. I gasped when I recognised who it was. Milo was distraught.

"Mo!" he cried, pulling the police tape up and clambering underneath. I tried to follow but the police officer was too quick and stopped me, as another tried to return Milo behind the taped off area. I watched as a female police officer restrain him from behind as the fire fighter carrying Mo took her to one of the nearby ambulances. Milo was in tears, in agony that one of his colleagues - hisex, of all people - had been involved in something like this. All I could do was watch on from a distance and only hope for the best.

The End

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