Milo: Bright IdeaMature

"I still think you look great." I said as we walked down the street, feeling so incredibly happy.

"Oh Milo." She said, squeezing my hand. I looked at her and smiled. We hadn't had the best of times between leaving her place and making our way to our destination; we had both slipped over on the street and apart from a loss of dignity, we were fine. We had laughed it off and I had offered to carry her the rest of the way but she hadn't thought I was being serious. "You still haven't told me where we are going." She screwed her face up a little in mock frustration, replacing that with confusion when I suddenly stopped.

She looked around, wondering what there was in the area for us to do on a first date. She looked up to me, her eyes begging for an answer. I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek, taking her hand and leading her on down the street. "Just down here."

We stopped outside a tall building and I smiled at her. "What is this place?"

I opened the door and ushered her inside. We entered a small cramped room with a thin door on the far wall. I approached it, pressing the button beside it. We entered the lift once it had arrived and squeezed in. "Sorry about this."

"Well there's barely the space for both of us." She said, looking me suspiciously in the eye. I placed my head on her shoulder, nuzzling into her neck slightly.

"Sorry." I muttered into her ear but didn't really mean it. It gave me an excuse to be close to her which I treasured dearly. She didn't seem to enjoy it as much. As we left, she turned to me, her eyes eager for an explanation.

"Tell me Milo. Where are we?" I leaned in, pulling her into an embrace.

"Trust me." She nodded slightly, leaning into a kiss.

"Alright." She said as she let me cover her eyes and direct her onwards. We climbed a flight of stairs and stepped out onto the roof.

"Here we are." I whispered, taking my hand away. From where we were, we could see all around us, looking out for miles at the city around us. "Isn't it beautiful?"

I wrapped my jacket around her and held her hand, smiling. "It is." She said, snuggling into me.

"Just like you." I whispered as I lay my head on hers. "Thank you for agreeing to do this, Sophia."

As we looked out at the city, pointing out places that we knew, we laughed at the silly little things that were important to us.

"And over there," I said, pointing. "Is the Voyager. Where we first met." As our eyes followed my finger, I noticed something. Flashing lights. I dismissed it; it was probably just passing by so I lost myself in her eyes, letting our lips connect again. For a moment, I thought that I had found our perfect moment.

But I was wrong.

The End

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