Sophia: First DateMature

“Oh no,” I cried, wiping off the remainder of what was once Roxy’s face, “my eyes are really puffy now. I look as though I’ve been crying for the best part of a year.”

“Well, you were crying for the best part of half an hour.” Milo joked from behind the closed door. I rolled my eyes and began to brush my teeth.

Milo had talked me into letting him take me out for the night and I’d insisted that I at least change out of my Roxy attire and into something a little more Sophia. By doing this, I felt obliged to invite him back to my messy little flat whilst I got ready. He was currently sat in the living room flicking through channels on the television. From what I could hear, he’d found a football match to keep him occupied; typical male. I spat out the remainder of the toothpaste in the sink and rinsed.

Rather than traipsing through the living room in nothing but thin, lacy revealing lingerie – as I’d previously had planned for Milo, as a client – I used the adjoining door that lead from the main bathroom to my bedroom and walked over to my closed wardrobe. Upon opening the wooden doors, a mountain of clothes piled out and landed at my feet. I sighed loudly and shifted my way through the mess. I knew what I was looking for and I knew that it was in there somewhere.

I’d wished I kept the flat tidy on a regular basis, as it was extremely embarrassing bringing Milo back and showing him just how much of a slob I really was. Hopefully, he could see through my sloth ways and get to know me for who I was; and not by how I chose to live.

I pulled out the pair of faded blue jeans I had been hunting for and pulled them on, jumping a little to get them to fit properly at my hips. I reached for a simple, white cap sleeved t-shirt from a hanger and pulled it over my head and covering my flat stomach.

I brushed out my perfectly teased hair and let the wild, natural curls take over. I tamed my hair into a messy bun with an elastic band at the back of my head and added hair grips to pin back the stray strands that would not stay up. With a thin layer of foundation to cover up my puffy, red eyes and a minimal amount of eyeliner, mascara and clear gloss I was done. The final touches included slipping on a pair of rope embellished wedges and sliding on a chunky black bangle onto my wrist. I was ready. This was Sophia: plain and simple. Roxy was away for the night, and she wouldn’t be coming out again anytime soon.

I left the confinement of my bedroom and entered the living room, meeting Milo’s gaze as he saw me approach. This was the first time he’d seen me in just ordinary, everyday clothes rather than dressed up in my best evening wear or as Roxy. He smiled sweetly and pushed himself off the sofa, switching the television off with the remote as he did.

“You look great.” He commented. I blushed.

“Shut up,” I teased, smiling. I took his hand and squeezed it tight. Milo was taller than me, even when I was in heels. The last boyfriend I’d had – when I was still fifteen – had been shorter than me when I was in flat shoes so I’d never been allowed to wear heels when I was with him, so not to dent his extremely large ego, “so, where are you taking me?”

The End

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